MP 100... Now What???

HI All,

I'm minutes away from being MP100 on my WW barb, my question is now what?

I've been spending most of my time leveling farming act 1. In my whole time playing Diablo 3, I have never had more than 100million to my name. What am I doing wrong? I understand that there's a lot of luck involved in finding good items, but in my history of playing this game, I have never found and sold anything over 50mil.

Is there something I am missing?

I usually play solo, only pickup item level 63 items such as archon items, and weapons/rings/amulets.

Any suggestions??
Now make a new character and do it all over again.
You're not doing anything wrong. RNG is RNG. Every 10m+ drop is a blessing.
Grats on the Paragon! This game can feel a bit like a rat race, but don't get discouraged. Make another barb and try to get as much paragon as you can. I have started a new barb recently and despite the low level para, I seem to be getting more legendary drops. You may also consider getting about 12-14 yards worth of pickup radius through gear to eliminate having to run to each gold pile. A little goes a long way and it seems you would only need some in one more gear slot.

two questions:

1. Which items SHOULD i be picking up - which ones should I skipping (to be most efficient in farming)
2. Will farming in different acts result in different item drops? Or can I farm act 1 and have chance to get all legendaries/set items?
10/16/2013 09:14 AMPosted by Dudersnoopz
1. Which items SHOULD i be picking up - which ones should I skipping (to be most efficient in farming)

I only pick up gloves/rings/ammy's/pants as rare armor....the ilvl doesn't matter since in MP1 and above they all roll lvl 63 stats. The reason I pick up these items is because in the VERY RARE case that they happen to roll trifecta, or in the case of pants double socket + high vit/all res/ main stat they can actually be worth something....whereas helms, chest, bracers, boots are pretty much all legendary/set only for high rollers.

Weapons I only pick up Arch Axe's and Demolisher's as rare's....and that is because I am under the delusion that I will find a good one sometime...spoiler'll never happen. I only pick up Arch Axe's and Demolisher's because although all weapons will roll lvl 63 stats, the ilvl 63 weapons have higher starting values.

Then, of course legendaries and sets, but that goes without saying.

10/16/2013 09:14 AMPosted by Dudersnoopz
2. Will farming in different acts result in different item drops? Or can I farm act 1 and have chance to get all legendaries/set items?

Act's do not matter, Monster Power level and Magic Find % do matter in the case of finding more quantities of items and rares with greater numbers of affixes.
Farm Act 1. Particularly try to just run Festering Woods > Fields of Misery > Crypt (if it shows up in Fields). You can extend your run to Weeping Hollows if you like, but I usually only run those three areas. I do NOT pick up any rares unless an elite drops essence. I will usually pickup every legendary that drops. Yeah you may miss out on some ok rares, but the overwhelming majority of them are trash anyway.

This may not suite you, but I do solo runs as well and this seems to work for me.
Come to think of it, once I get 5 NV stacks I do not actively pursue elites. If I kill one along the way, great, but I do not take time out of my run to target an elite. I find that 9.9/10 legendaries and rares that would be worth picking up come flying out the bodies of white mobs. If it's essence that you are after though, then this style would not be efficient.
Hmmm are most people doing that? just skipping the elites after 5 stacks?
Well, if you run in a group with a DPS built Cloud of Bats WD, then killing elites takes only 5-10 secs if played right. This makes skipping them unnecessary. However, for XP efficiency I personally like skipping them and moving onto trash mobs.
Thinking of doing a monk or a witch doctor
Do WD.....I am mad at myself for deleting mine a while back (before they changed up bats).
Once you get to P100, you don't even need to get 5 stacks before going out and killing trash, if your goal is to maximize legendaries per hour.
You won't get rich from pickups. Well, you might, but the chances are very slim. Across the entire player base, some people do find godly items. Some people do craft godly items (see that ammy that's still being talked about). But the probability of any one person doing it is negligible. I can count on one hand the items I've picked up, then sold for over 100m.

I agree with the suggestions to make another character. I see you have an archon wiz. They're great fun, as long as you don't expect them to be a barb. In fact that applies to all other characters, which is good, because you get to try something new and different.

Monk - great party support, great skills. With nirvana or similar bell-based builds, you can do huge damage for short periods of time. You have a big choice of other builds too.

Demon hunter - also has a big choice of builds. You can kite and base yourself around traps and sentries, or make a more solid character and do big damage with rapid fire.

Witch doctor - fire bats for huge damage, or plague bats for more range. 0dog has come down in price, but still isn't cheap. There are other viable builds if you want a change of scene.

Wiz - the freeze builds require fingers of steel, but their utility can't be denied.
How did u get to MP 100? I'm stuck on MP 10.

Hunt DEs and craft till your eyes bleed.
Makes me wonder how many good drops you passed by because you never picked up the level 58's-62's.

I pick up everything. Doesn't take that long to ID stuff.

I've found plenty of things between the 1m-20m, and I don't feel it's because of my luck with RNG.. rather that I ID the fk out of everything. You're Iding 10 items while I ID 100, yeah it takes more time to ID... but reallly how much? If i dont like it i just drop it
i want some of that mp100 action. Since carebear nerf to MP 10 and subsequent nerfs to RD, molten among other things just hasnt been the same.

Seriously OP takes awhile. When I was your ekills best items I found was a 16m gold helm and 60m gold sword. And then you might never get lucky and get a GG drop. Few of my friends have gotten one. Why do you think ppl flip and/or just buy gold? It's a RMAH game and drops are allocated both in quality and applicability to traffic impatent players through it.
Drop rate and quality is actually pretty good in the high MP's IMO. If I used any of my stronger characters, I could probably farm up a viable character of any class in a week or two. Wouldn't be anything faceroll, but it'd be usable in the mid MP's.

Another big problem that frustrates everyone is drop value. i.e. you get something that in reality is very viable and usable like a -3 HotA SoJ, 1200 DPS LS Skorn or a ~4.5% cc Storm Crow etc, but they are worth next to nothing on the auction house. That's caused by botters and is practically impossible to combat.

If we just had to "compete" with other players, we wouldn't be dealing with the insane amounts of gold that we are today, and most likely not with the insane quality of gear, either.

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