MP 100... Now What???

I agree with that drops are good actually as long as you're not comparing yourself with others and only want mid MP. They have little value though. I've dropped probably 10 IK chests all great and usable but all <2m gold. If OP wishes to build GG you have three options miracle find, flip or RMAH.
Makes me wonder how many good drops you passed by because you never picked up the level 58's-62's.

I pick up everything. Doesn't take that long to ID stuff.

I've found plenty of things between the 1m-20m, and I don't feel it's because of my luck with RNG.. rather that I ID the fk out of everything. You're Iding 10 items while I ID 100, yeah it takes more time to ID... but reallly how much? If i dont like it i just drop it

I suppose I just have little interest in gear that will be "obsolete" in the near future. Don't get me wrong, I still pick up enough to turn over gear in the AH for some chunks.

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