Help my barb PLZ

Its been a while since I played. I use to be able to play mp 10 ok now I die way to fast. I have 160 mil in the bank. What do I need to do? Need Help PLZ.....Thanks
Replace your IK chest with one with 200+ vit; preferably over 250. Craft vit shoulders when you're able to. Also try to pick up another slot of AR somewhere.

Also, if you're exp farming, ditch the armor passive and use brawler, and add rend to your build (try to replace bash, and get used to not using a generator). If you're already familiar with this, disregard. Just going off what is currently in your profile.
1. 200+ vit IK chest
2. Cold Damage SoJ (27%+) to replace your trifecta
3. Sword OH with 120+ str, 80+ crit dmg, and lifesteal (dps does not matter much)

Should be all doable with 160m easy.

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