Just need a little help on what should be my next upgrade. Right now I have been trying to craft tri-fecta gloves with all res and vit so I could then throw on my WH but not sure if this is the best route. Any input at all would be helpful thanks!
Your skorn has low LS, but otherwise not too bad. Try a WH instead of IK belt. The added IAS + CD will be invaluable. Also try to change your Skorn to one with 5.4+ LS at least 5.2.
I will get the AR Ik helm and WH but the skorns gonna have to wait until I have more gold.
10/17/2013 01:21 AMPosted by Planet
Not that I disagree with advice above, but if your going to take it - you'll need to get an AR WH belt and also an AR IK helm so you don't lose your two set bonus.

I missed that, thanks Planet for correcting.

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