Best Monk Farm Build XP

Hi guys, maybe some experienced Monks can help me here.
Searching for XP Farm build. Dont see forest of trees and dunno how updated the guides are

DE & Legs are not important, only XP counts

Actually i was considering the guide from DRUIN: MP10 TR + EP + Bells 1.0.8

Sound fast and fun. Change I would make is to Switch SoJ to Rare dmg ring after 5 stacks.

Would appreciate if some1 could give me Infos, which XP farm builds work best atm for Monk. maybe also Druin can give a answer, would be nice!

Best Regards
IMO, there is no one "best build" for farming as part of it comes down to gear/preference and the other comes down to solo vs group.

If group, it depends the other people you are running with and how you can help the team overall. IE if WD using COB or freeze wiz, some pull/buff helps them. If barbs, not sure what they need other than a buff. If other monks, staggering skills so no one monk has to do everything.

If solo, test it out and see what play style you enjoy that is fast for you. I prefer dual wield cookie cutter. Other monks I know prefer 2h and bells. Both have their pros and cons.
I just "TODAY" hit P100 with my 2nd Monk using this build through out the entire journey to P100.

It's great for sustain, great for fast kills and gives you tons of Mobility!

and a copy of the build,!XTU!bbcaca

that's the video of it in action,

Ty for answers so far.
To add i prefer Solo Play and 2h!

How many xp/hr you made about Acheron?

I was ranging anywhere from 150-300 'ish per hour depending on group.

But ya, was hitting 200'ish pretty consistently per hour,

Here is another video of this build in Action,

My Twitch's not that great I gotta adjust the resolution, but it's this build in action in A1 Crypt.

Just to get sure, for solo runs u always get 5 stacks or?

Little bit confused because DRUIN doest get 5 stacks in his Video guide

Yes, get the 5 stacks! ;)

Just to get sure, for solo runs u always get 5 stacks or?

Little bit confused because DRUIN doest get 5 stacks in his Video guide


Someone could probably math-it-out, but some farming builds have a hard time or take a long time killing elites. The longer they take, the less advantageous it is to try and get stacks when you could have cleared half of FOM in the same amt of time.

There is probably some threshold ratio (avg FOM clear time: avg time to get stack), where it makes sense to get stacks vs. not get stacks in order to maximize your xp/h.
Hello OP, I just published my XP/hr guide which you can find here --

I use TR-EP-Bells in MP10 Act1 clearing Decaying Crypt and Fields of Misery with 5 stacks.

Decaying Crypt is worth stacks automatically and 95% 3 stacks instead due to finding an elite.
Festering Woods is worth 2 stacks automatically.
This gives you 5 stacks quite easily.

I make ~220m xp/hr solo on average and have gotten up to 260m xp/hr for a single run.

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Ty for answers guys and Druin, appreciate!


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