****Bubba of Abend - Naming Competition****

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Congrats to the Abend!!!
I just saw on his fb. the deed is done. epic news.

Not sure what toon was spawned though.
Grats mate, hope he is healthy and the mother recovers well. You....well, you're screwed, in a good way :)
Hey bud, long time no see :). Hey Congratulations on the addition to your little family, hope all is well and everyone is healthy.

In regards to the name.... I have a copyright on Armidaius, but on such a special occasion and with great honor, I grant you permission to name your son after me.

See you in game bro :p
Thank you all for the well wishes. All is good with little Raphael, who is doing his best to live up to his TMNT namesake http://imgur.com/xRKQIZl

Slay a few Ubers for me!
Looking very cute, snuggly and warm., Gratz
Awww very cute :D Im glad everything went well for you and your family Abend, congrats again
Congrats Abend. He look awesome :)
Am i mistaken or does he look like a little mini abend?

Big congrats, to you and your partner, a new universe is born and its your job to tend to it while its young (no feeling of pressure there).

he should be called Abend lol
well done - good looking boy you have there Abend and Mrs Abend....
My Congratulations, Abend!
gratz abend!
gratz bro look's like he's ready to take on Shredder and Krang!

Just keep him away from the pizza's :)
Gratz abend, so you need another 3 for a full roster of TMNT abend version. lol
Congrats on the new addition Mr Abend!
LOL didn't realise this was still going!! I'm flattered...especially considering I'm not the only gaming dad in the forum. So, I shall dedicate all the good karma to all the gaming dads and mums out there!! That's how we do it in Kingsport! :P

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