wiz set giveaways, 4/5 winners announced

Hi all,
the wizard forum was given 2 bil for participating in the 5 wiz challenge. Melkor graciously built that up to 2.2 or 2.6 bil.
and boozor the west coast canadian graciously volunteered to build some wiz sets.

There are 5 setups being built i believe.

Instead of telling me why you are the best suited to get a wiz set, I'd like to try having folks say how they would build a cm wiz for 500mil and what type of stats theyd go for
aps, cc, apoc, loh, armor, ar, etc

edit: entries must be submitted before oct. 25th 11:59pm EST. As i will try to disperse the sets over that weekend.
me want build!
I want to join..lol

Well for me if i spend 500m for a cm wiz i'd go for:

4k armor

for gears i would choose:

tal rashas chest
tal rashas ammy
zuni pox
zuni boots
storm crow
bt pants
vile ward
witching hour
crafted gloves
tasker and theo
chant sets

that's all..cheezy peezy
I would like to participate in this event.

I'm using d3up to simulate all the gear that will cost roughly 500M.

Here is the gear link: http://d3up.com/b/1151468/cm-wizard

State with paragon level 50:
DPS: 178,223.86
EHP: 368,863.19
Attacks per Second: 2.52
Critical Hit Chance: 53%
Critical Hit Damage: 241%
Armor: 3,824
All Resist: 849.3
Total Damage Reduction: 87.78%
Maximum Life: 45,075.4
Life per Hit: 900
Bonus to Gold/Globe Radius: 6
Arcane Power on Critical: 19

Storm Crow
Vile Ward
Rare Amulet
Tal Rasha's Relentless Pursuit
Rare Glove(can be self crafted)
Rare Bracer(can be self crafted)
Witching Hour
Rare Pant
Rare Ring
Zunimassa's Pox
Zunimassa's Trail
Chantodo's Will
Chantodo's Force

I would like to enter into this event
If I had 500mil, I would go for, unbuffed:
At least 700AR
Close to 3000 intelligence
54 crit chance
4000 armour
<850 LoH
200k dps unbuffed
45k hp +

The items I would go for would be:
11 attack speed dagger with open socket, life steal, black weapon
Apoc chantodos force, high average damage, 10crit chance
Zunis trail 8% poison, high intel, vitality and all res
Zuni pox, 6 crit chance, attack speed
Rare ring 70+ intel, 6crit chance, high average damage, attack speed
Witching hour 100+ intelligence, 60 + all res, 8%life + and 42+ crit damage
Lacuni prawlers, 6cc, intelligence and vitality
Rare gloves, 10crit chance, 70+Intel, 30+crit damage, attack speed, all res
Blackthorne's pants, 2 socket, high vitality roll
Tal rasha's relentless pursuit, all res, high intel and vitality rolls
Tal rasha's allegiance, attack speed, high vitality and intel rolls with decent crit damage
Prob rare shoulders with 200+ intelligence, 250+ vitality, 75+ all res
Storm crow , 6 crit chance, 8 lightning damage 400+LoH

If I had enough ehp, I would swap out my chantodos force and my Blackthorne's pants for a inna's temperance with 80+ intel and 40+ vitality and a 8.5 crit chance triumvirate with ApoC, high average damage and 6/6/6 damage. I would then probably be at 200k dps + and be able to survive with 400loH and 3% life steal from dagger.

I think I should be chosen because I love playing the wizard, he is my main character and I will put that gear to good use if I win :)

Edit: I think that those items might cost a "bit" more than 500mil lol
trollboi perhaps u could design a more realistic 500mil wiz (i swear this is not a bump
Lol sorry I know right ill try to make a more realistic one
I'm really bad at pricing and I'm to poor to play the auction house so I'm not too sure of prices
Quick question. - can there be crafts?
For 500M, I would go with the Nat's ring/boots route for the most efficient CM wiz at this budget. The 5-6% melee reduction on the boots is also pretty huge, that's like a free 80AR right there. There are no better boots in the game for mit then Nats.

I would aim for these stats at paragon 0 on this budget:
20 APoC preferred, but 19 is acceptable. 850+ Loh, 3800+ Armor, 700+ AR, 2.73 APS, 150k+ DPS, 35-40k HP, 56% crit hit chance with Nat set bonus. I think this is very doable on this budget, you might even be able to get to 4000+ armor and 750+ AR if you are lucky.

Helm: Storm crow: 10 APOC, 400+ loh, 5.5 or 6 crit. Can be bought for 10-40M pretty easily these days. Spend at most 40M in this slot.

Ammy: Rare trifecta with: 8+ IAS, 8+ crit hit chance, crit hit damage, 100+ int. Can be had for 10-50M. Spend at most 50M on this slot.

Shoulders: Vile Wards: 240+ int, 70+ vit, extra str roll. Can be had for 15-25M for one of these.

Chest: Tal's chest: 60+ AR and either armor or 140+ vit. Get as high of values as possible obviously, but try and stay within 50-60M on this piece.

Gloves: 2 options:
1. DPS gloves: Rare trifectas: 8 IAS, 8+ crit, any chd, 100+ int, 60+ All res.
2. MIT gloves: Rare bifectas: 150+ Int, 8 ias, 9+ crit, 70+ AR, 400+ total armor on gloves.
Spend 20-35M here.

Bracers: Lacuni Prowlers: You have one of 2 otions here:
1. 60+ AR, 4.5+ crit and if you are lucky, you can get armor or int in this slot.
2. Armor, 50+ Int and 5+ crit.
Spend 20-35M on this slot.

Belt: Witching hour: 70+ All res and either Vit or Armor. You can get these for 30M or less.

Pants: Blackthorne JM pants: 70+ Allres and either armor, double (150+) int, or double (150+) vit. Spend at most 35M on this piece.

Ring 1: Natalya's Reflection: 4+ crit, 50+ int. Pretty easy to get 9 IAS here. This can be had for 20-25M pretty easily. I would spend 25M at most in this slot on this budget.

Ring 2: 2 options:
1. Rare trifecta: Int, 8+ ias, 4.5+ crit hit chance, any crit hit damage, maybe all res.
2. Rare bifecta: Int, vit, 50+ All res, 8+ ias, 4.5+ crit, 200+ life on hit.
Spend at most 30M on this slot.

Boots: Natalya's bloody footprints: 50+ int, 50+ vit. This can easily be had for 15M or less. Spend at most 20M in this slot.

MH Weapon: Chantodo's will with Open socket and +0.25 IAS. At least 1070+ DPS. 10 APOC is best, you can get away with 9. Preferably 180+ int. You can get them for around 50 - 90M. Spend as much as possible in this slot, but I wouldn't go above 90M.

OH Source: Chantodo's Force: 250+ Avg damage, 9 ias, 10 crit, 100+ Vitality or Double Int/Vit roll. You can get one of these for 50M or less. Spend 50M at most on this piece.

Should save around 50M-60M of the gold for gems, 1 Radiant Star Emerald and 3 of the 54 int Topaz gems.

Overall, you need to get 2 pieces with 9 IAS and the rest need 8 IAS to hit 66IAS for the 2.73 breakpoint with a 1.65 chant wand. There is no "set" piece that I would say you need 9 on except for the source, since it's pretty easy to get a decent non-apoc 9/10 Chant force, but if you find the 9 IAS pieces elsewhere, feel free to drop it to 8 ias. Also, if you get 3 or more 9 IAS pieces, you can get a ring with 7 IAS and be fine.

EDIT: Oh, I'm entering cause I have a friend in RL who wants to try out CM wiz, and I'd like to gift him a nice set to use.
Ok using ah right now:
Storm crow - 9.5mil obo - 5.5 crit chance, 8 to lightning, 460 Loh, 10ApoC
Tal Rasha's Relentless Pursuit - 5mil obo - 282 vit, 170 intel 8 attack speed
ring1 - 50mil obo - 98 intel, 78 all res, 9 attack speed, 4.5 crit chance
ring 2 - 40mil obo - +31-63 damage, 73 intel , 77 vit, 9 attack speed, 6 crit chance
Blackthorne's Jousting Mail - 25mil obo - 257 vit, 2 open sockets, 10% life, 385 loh
Chantodo's Force - 20mil obo - +61-406 damage,9 attack speed, 9 crit chance, 9 Apoc, 170 intel
Ice climbers - 45 mil obo - 267 intel, 97 vit, 78 all res, 11% life
Rare amulet - 18 mil obo - 54 all res, 8 attack speed, 10 crit chance, 130 intel, 100 vit
Witching hour - 17mil obo - 100 intel, 51 all res, 5% life, 8 attack speed , 48 crit damage
Rare Gloves - 35 mil obo - 158 intel, 77 vit, 55 all res, 8 attack speed, 9.5 crit chance
Lacuni Prowlers - 20 mil obo - 71 intel, 52 vit, 8 attack speed, 5 crit chance OR
20mil obo - +196 armour, 56 all res, 5 crit chance, 8 attck speed
Shoulders - definitely have to craft, good vile ward just cost way too much - prob give 15mil
Chantodo's will - 163 mil obo, 49% weapon damage, open socket,+.24 aps, 9Apoc, 180 intel
Using remaining gold i can buy 1 radiant star emarald at 23.5 mil and 6flawless star topazs
These stats would give me:(at paragon 32)

If i could i would craft the gloves, shoulders and amulet; using 18 mil for the amulet, 35 mil for the gloves and 15 mil for the shoulders.

2.7388 aps(does that hit the breakpoint?)
845 Loh ( quite low, could probs craft better)
2320 intel(without shoulders ) should be around 2600 shoulders) or 2250 with 2nd lacuni's
54.5 crit chance
576 all res ( really low, should be 650 with shoulders) or 632 with 2nd lacuni's ( still with no shoulders)
1220 vit ( without shoulders) or 1168 vt with 2nd lacuni's (still without shoulders)and 26% life(don"t actually have that gear so cant see hp)
I would buy RS gems and craft marquise gems with 500m and get the 2.2b set donated to socket them.
For 500 mill there is two easy steps that i would do,

1: Message Bozoor and ask if he could build me a set please.
2: Sit back and win!!!!

But if I was to make the set this is the way I would go.

Aiming for 40khp, 50cc, 2.73 breakpont, 700+ all res, 3800 Armor, 19-20 Apoc, 800+ Loh, and 170k-200k dps

Storm Crow, 4.5+cc, 450+ Loh, and it looks cool
Vile Wards, High Int and some Vit, a little strength would be a bonus
Amulet, Rare with 8.5cc, 8ias, cd/av dam, intel
Gloves, Rare with 8cc, 8ias, cd, intel and all res
Bracer, Lacuni with 4+cc, all res, vit would be nice too
Chest, Tal Rash with 8ias, With all res and 100+vit
Pants, Blackthornes with all res and 100+ vit, high int too if available and 350+ LOH
Ring 1, Rare with 9ias, 5cc, Int, all res
Ring 2, Nats with 3.5cc+, some int too if possible
Belt, WH with int and all res
Boots, Nats with vit
MH, Chan lollipop with +25 and open socket
OH, Chan Force with high damage, 9ias, 10cc, and some vit would be helpful.

Hopefully all that comes in under budget, I'm not too sure of pricing becuase when I find time away from the kids I like to kill stuff rather than AH,
Good luck to the winners.
hello there SteelPhantom

i just go back into the game i believe i was around pre patch 1.04
and would really like to try CM/SNS build
but i got no budget and no gear.

i believe that build is depending on CC, IAS and APOC
and could care about DPS after those 3.

would love to get some freebie items...for starters.
thanks and what your doing is great to help out new/returning players like me.

more power!
hello there SteelPhantom

i just go back into the game i believe i was around pre patch 1.04
and would really like to try CM/SNS build
but i got no budget and no gear.

i believe that build is depending on CC, IAS and APOC
and could care about DPS after those 3.

would love to get some freebie items...for starters.
thanks and what your doing is great to help out new/returning players like me.

more power!

I have a budget MP5 CMWW set that you can have if you want it. Add me if you are interested.
about 24hrs left, i think the sets are built but who knows
10/23/2013 11:57 PMPosted by GoSuPanda
I have a budget MP5 CMWW set that you can have if you want it. Add me if you are interested.

I got a help from my barb friend
and got me around 4.5mil budget gears
doable on MP5
so now i'm playing back into the game again :)


for awesome giveaway wiz set :)
This is how I would setup a 500 mil wiz:

Target MP: 8-9

Target Stats

650 ~ 700 AR
35k~40k HP
1200~ LOH (very important!)
175k DPS
50 CC
280 ~ 310+ CD
18~20 APoC
4200~ armor
2.61 aps

Storm Crow (5.5 cc minimum, 350+ LoH)

Tal Rasha's Relentless Pursuit (700 + armor minimum, 150+ int with 70+ vit)

The Witching Hour (75 AR minimum, 9% attack speed)

Black Thorne's Jousting Mail (250 vit minimum, 2 OS, 400+ LoH)

Lacuni Prowlers (9% attack speed minimum, 60 int, 4.0 critical, +armor[400 armor total])

Gloves - Must be Trifecta
AH Gloves / Crafted Gloves (10% cc, 6% attack speed [minimum], critical damage, 100 int)

Ring 1
Natalya's Reflection (9% attack speed, critical hit damage, [with black damage or 60+ int if possible])

Ring 2
Litany of the Undaunted (7% attack speed minimum, 70+ AR if possible, 65 AR minimum)

Amulet (highest priority, highest budget)
Crafted Amulet or BT Duncraig Cross (must have 400+ LoH, critical hit chance [6 minimum], critical hit damage, 75+ AR)

Natalya's Bloody Footprints (must be 80 AR with int)

Crafted Shoulders Only (must have 80 AR with vit)

Main Weapon

Chantodo's Will w/OS (1040 DPS minimum, must be +.25 aps)

Off Hand

Chantodo's Force (280 average damage, 10% cc, 9~10% attack speed)


5 pcs Perfect Star ~ Radiant Star Topaz (for armors)
1 pc Radiant Star Emerald (for main weapon) - requirement
Wow these guys are putting a lotta work into their specs. i love how some of them have like one or two stats that are just like...wtf? but for the most part, these look good! Good luck prospective wizzies!

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