Scrapz's Monk PVP Guide.

- The Basis of a PvP Monk -

A Monk IMO is the most balanced class for PvP. It can mimic most classes in terms of playstyle of other classes. It has the best chance of beating all classes with minor tweaks of your gearset and skills. With strong attacks that scale off weapon dmg such as Wave Of Light, Seven Sided Strike and even Dashing Strike. Our strongest attribute as a monk is dishing out the most damage per hit with a 4 second immunity to finish off the opponent.

Skill-wise, mastering the use of DS will be your main priority. This may change due to the upcoming changes in ROS.

- Basic Spells -

Utility Skills

Fist Of Thunder - Quickening
Generating spirit is crucial in certain fights. FOT has a attack speed moidifer of 1.5 attacks per second which makes this the best spirit generator.

Dashing Strike - Quicksilver
Probably the #1 skill for monks in PvP. Dashing strikes works as both an offensive and defensive skill. As an offensive skill, it allow you to teleport to your opponent to drop huge bells on your opponent. If your DS lands a crit, it deals as much dmg as a Wave of Light Bell at only 10 spirit cost. As a defensive skill, it allows you to evade your enemies by dashing around a corner or evading a head on charge.

Blinding Flash - Faith In The Light
Both a utility skill and an offensive skill. Used to blind/stun your enemy. Also buffs your damage by 30% (simple breakdown but not really 30%). FITL scales off IAS so this is the only time your IAS will buff your DPH.

Mantra Of Healing - Circular Breathing
Spirit, Spirit, Spirit! We are useless without our spirit. This skill is mandatory IMO. Grants us 3 spirit per second and 620 life per second so we can kite, heal and regenerate at the same time.

  • Ascension - 4 Seconds of immunity, need I say more?
  • Instant Karma- 50% chance of reflecting projectiles and melee attacks back at your attacker, great for throwing those impales back at them demon hunters!
  • Offensive Skills

    Wave Of Light
  • Empowered Wave - Deals 829% your weapon dmg with only a cost of 40 spirit. Perfect for opponents who are glassier or require more spirit management when dueling. Good for use vs WD and Monks.
  • Wall Of Light - Highest dmg modifer of all the runes, dealing 1202% weapon dmg. Good for use vs barbs.
  • Explosive Light - Safest of the WOL runes. This shoots a blast of energy in multiple directions allowing you space in between you and your enemies. This skill must be aimed at your opponent. Good for use vs WD/DH/Barbs.

  • Seven-Sided Strike
  • Sudden Assault - Probably the best and most used rune. By clicking in the vicinity of your enemies, it teleports and drops 7 kicks LuKang style dealing a total of 1203% weapon dmg.
  • Pandemonium - Has a 50% chance to stun your opponents for 7 seconds per hit. With the 30% CC reduction implemented into the Chapel, this means you could stun your opponents 35 seconds if every hit lands. You could probably build up a full spirit bar with quickening or finish off your opponents during that timeframe
  • Exploding Palm - The Flesh Is Weak
    Bleeds your target for 745% weapon dmg + an additional 12%. Main offensive skill used vs demon hunters/monks. Can also be used vs barbs in a barb mimic build.
    - Basic Passives -

    Exhalted Soul
    Gives you a total of 250 spirit to work with during a fight with a bonus of 1 spirit regeneration per second. Though not neccessary in all fights. It's usually in my skill barb

    Sieze The Initiative
    Armor increase by 50% of your Dex. Mitigation is always needed. If you're getting one shotted with this passive on, you need to reevaulate your gear.

    Near Death Experience
    When receiving fatal damage, you are instead restored to 35% of maximum Life and 35% Spirit. - Nuff Said

    Beacon Of Ytar
    Reduces all cooldowns by 20%. This also applies to health globe which are essential for Monk PvP.

    The Guardian's Path
    While using a two-handed weapon, all Spirit generation is increased by 35%. Mainly used for battles vs Barbs where high spirit cost skills are used to defeat their tankiness.

    Chant of Resonance
    Duration of all Mantras increased by 7 minutes. While one of your Mantras is active you gain 2 Spirit every second. Same as TGP, great for vs barbs.

    Sixth Sense
    Often overlooked. Your dodge chance is increased by an amount equal to 30% of your Critical Hit Chance. Best for use vs dueling monks where their bell/SSS will 1 shot you even with the highest mitigation. Dodging > Mitigation at that point.

    One With Everything
    As a PvPer, you should be geared up for all res with a min all-res of 550. This is really a waste of a passive slot
    - Gear -

    Here I will list optimal gear with the minimum stats required for mid tier dueling. Obviously the more stats the better but this will give you a good starting point.

    I noted earlier that the biggest advantage of Monks was our ability to deal the highest damage per hit. This means stacking high CC because without our crits hits, we're useless. Try and achieve a Crit Chance of 45%.

    Mitigation-wise, try and hit around 550 All Resistance and 5000 Armor /w 45% dodge chance and 1500 Life per second. Since most damage dealt in PvP is physical damage, you can substitute some All-Res for Physical resistance instead. Monks are also very dependent Health Globe Pot Bonuses. Due to our need to stack damage, this greatly reduces our mitigation potentials. By stacking 30-40k health globes, this essentially gives us 3- lives in conjunction with Serenity and NDE.

    As far as spirit goes, the more the better. However the minimum values I would try and reach with gear only is 4.5 per second.

    Helmet - Inna's Radiance
    Only choice as a monk since it offers spirit regeneration and socket for extra life %.
  • 60 All Resistance | 1.9 Spirit Per Second | 60 Vitality | 5.5 Crit Chance
  • Shoulders - Vile Wards
    These are best in slot simply because they offer a innate roll of armor, life per second and high stat main possibility.
  • 200+ Dexterity | 60+ Vitality | 280+ Life Per Second | 630 Armor | 75 All Resistance | 10,000 Health Globe Bonuses
  • Gloves - Rare
    This is another slot to stack Extra Health Globe Bonus or Double Resistance.
  • 180 Dexterity | 60+ All Resistance | 8 Crit Chance | 35 Crit Damage | 8,000 Health Globes or Double Stack Resitance | VIT (if possible)
  • Bracers
  • 180 Dexterity | 80 Vit | 60 All Res | 4.5 CC | 300 Life Per Second or 8000 Health Globes or 300 Armor
  • Lacuni Prowlers - Good for the extra movement speed when using a Blackthorne's set for extra EHP.
  • 60 Vitality | 60 All Resistance | 4.5CC | Optional: 5% Reduced from Range, Dexterity, Life Per Second, Secondary Resistance
  • Belt
    Witching Hour
  • 60 All Resistance | 60 Dex | Optional: Life %, Vitality, Extra Health Globes
  • Hellcat Waistguard - Good for vs Barbs in TR spec.[/b]
  • Dexterity | 1.5 Spirit Per Second | 50 Vitality | Optional: All Resistance, Physical Resistance
  • Boots
    -Natalya's Bloody Footprints - DPS
  • 230 Dexterity | 50 Vitality | 620 Armor | 75 All Resistance
  • -Blackthorne's Spurs - EHP
  • 170 Dexterity | 60 All Resistance | 6% Elite Reduction
  • Chest
    -Blackthorne's Surcoat - EHP
  • 50 Dexterity | 200 Vitality | 75 All Resistance | 3 Sockets | 8,000 Health Globes or 450 Life Per Second
  • -Crafted or Inna's Vast Expanse - DPS
  • Try to achieve the highest possible dex/vit/all res combo in this slot. I personally use a crafted 210 DEX / 50 All Res / 200 Armor / 450 Life per second and 3 socket chest. A Blackthornes surcoat can also be used in this slot if it has over 150 Dex and 200 Vit, otherwise Inna's Vast Expansse will be a better choice
  • Pants
    Since IAS is not a factor in Damage Per Hit, 8% IAS is more then addequate. Movement speed is a big hidden factor in surviability when trying to run away from your opponent.
    -Inna's Temperance- DPS
  • 8% IAS | 150 Dexterity | 420 Armor | 60 Vitality
  • -Inna's Temperance - EHP
  • 8% IAS | 90 Dexterity | 420 Armor | 75 All Resistance or 190 Vitality
  • -Blackthorne's Jousting Mail
    Check and see what benefits you more and get the cheaper of the two, either high vitality of a higher life %
  • 60 All Resistance | 250 Vitality | Life % is dependent on your overall vitality
  • Rings
    -Natalya's Refelction
  • 4 Crit Chance | 6 Crit Chance or 25% Crit Damage | 40 Physical Resistance or All Resistance, Life or Vitality
  • -Litany of Undaunted
    There are two varianations of these rings that you should keep in your stash.
  • Dexterity | 7% Elite Reduction | 40% Crit Damage
  • Dexterity | 7% Elite Reduction | 10,000 Health Globe Bonus
  • -Stone Of Jordan
    You'll need 2 types of SOJ
  • 2.0 Spirit Per Second } 25% Damage Bonus to Elites | 5% Wave Of Light Bonus
  • 2.0 Spirit Per Second } 25% Damage Bonus to Elites | 10% Exploding Palm Bonus
  • Amulet
  • 180 Dex | 80 Vit | 8 Crit Chance | 80 Crit Damage | Optional: All Res, Extra Health Globes, Life %, Life Per Second
  • Weapons
  • Skorn - 1350+ DPS | 400 Dex | 100 Vit | 180 Crit Damage | Socket
  • Spear/Mace - 1150+ DPS | 100 Dex | 100 Vit | 50 Crit Damage | Socket
  • Shield
  • 150 Dexterity | 150 Vitality | 8% Life | 60 All Res | 8 Crit Chance | Optional: Secondary Resist, Extra Health Globes, Reduce from Elites/Range
  • - Monk vs Monks -

    Spec: Bleeding the Monkeys!bTW!bacaYZ

    Gear Recommended: Full DPS /w Skorn or Dual Wield

    There is some skilled involved in this fight, although gear is a bigger factor. The monk with higher Crit Chance and Damage Per Hit will usually win the fight. Since the damage dealt by monks are too much to mitigate, a bleed + run tactic (barb mimic) is the spec I like to use.

    The person who loses serenity first will typically lose the battle. Use the map to your advantage and try to get in the first shot.. This can be done by casting Seven Sided Strike as soon as you see the other monk forcing him into serenity. As soon as his serenity is activated, cast a Exploding Palm, run and let the DOT(damage over time) do the rest.

    Another tactic is dashing to your target and cast blinding flash, this will stun him. Cast a EP then run. He will activate serenity to mitigate the EP's damage, wait for his serenity to wear off then finish him off with a SSS.

  • Maximize your Crit Chance
  • Hit serenity until you see that it is activated, sometimes it willl not which will result in your loss
  • Do not engage when serenity is on cooldown
  • ══════════════════════════════════════════════════════
    - Monk vs Barbarian -

    Spec #1!bTX!bacaYZ

    Wave of Light: Wall of Light can be substituted with Wave of Light: Explosive light for more distance
    Gear Recommended: Full DPS /w Skorn or Doom Hammer

    This is personally my favorite spec to use, been my spec since PTR. I'm sure many other monks will disagree but hey, everyone has their own favorite way to play. If you hit the specifications I listed above, you will be able to mitigate just enough damage to survive 1 critical rend from a balanced barbarian with the perfect pot timing. Negating the need for Near Death Experience.

    The fight will essentially start with you dashing towards the barb and immediately stunning him with blinding flash. As soon as he is stunned, drop 2 Wall Of Light Bells on him forcing him to cast his Ignore Pain. While his ignore pain is active, you will need to kite around the map. This is where your dashing strike skills will come into play. Always stick to corners so you can have the advantage of warping around the corner avoiding his rends. If he has bull charge on, time your dashing strike vs his bull charge, with perfect timing, you'll completely dodge his attack.

    His ignore pain cool down time is 30 seconds, your blinding flash cool down time is 20 seconds. Keep kiting until his Ignore pain is gone and your blinding flash is off cool down, by this time you should have enough spirit to dash over to him again. Cast another blinding flash, bell and finishing him Seven sided strike.

  • Main reason I like this spec over the other. If the barb has a life percentage of 10-15% at the end of the engagement with ignore pain off. You can continuously try and use dashing strike to finish him off IF your serenity is up.

  • Use blind to stun them and continue to run to buy time for your spirit regeneration and for spells to go off coooldown.
  • Spec #2: TR YOLO!bdc!ZbcZYZ

    Gear Recommendation: Full DPS + Hellcat Waistguard /w spirit regeneration

    This is more of a balls out spec.I personally hate this spec but it proves to be the most consistent winnner vs high end barbarians. You will need massive DPH to pull this spec off since you will be fairly glassy. Having the maximum spirit regeneration and management is key.

    Basically you TR around the map, get him to follow you into a straightaway and shoot a explosive light bell at him. If his HP is low after that shot, rush over to him and use seven sided strike and stun him. If he is stunned, cast blinding flash and finish him off with another explosive light bell.

  • Get as much damage as you can
  • ══════════════════════════════════════════════════════
    - Monk vs Wizard -


    Gear Recommendation: Full Blackthorne's EHP /w Shield and Spear

    Fighting most wizards will be fairly easy, I won't lie. Only dude that ever gives me a problem is Saltydog, #1 Wiz evarrrrr.

    I won't go too much in depth with this spec as it's fairly self explanatory. Avoid their blizzards and mines. Dash and drop bells on them. Stun them and use Seven Sided Strike as your finishing move.

  • Avoid their blizzard
  • Stay out of range of their Storm Armor
  • I won't give out Salty's secret <3
  • ══════════════════════════════════════════════════════
    - Monk vs Witch Doctors -


    If you are dying in 1 shot even with NDE, substitute for Beacon Of Ytar for reduced cooldown time or Combination Strike for additional damage.

    Gear Recommendation: Full DPS /w Dual Wield setup. Enough EHP to survive 1 haunt because you wont live through a critical plaque bats.

    First off, I'll go by saying never feel bad about losing to a Witch Doctor. Their skills are so overpowered vs us. Firebats damage and range is totally retarded, with enough IAS stacked on their end, they can just tap you for a millisecond and kill you. Horrify can send us running as they cast a critical haunt on us. Spirit Barrage goes through walls. Hex turns you into a pig for 3 seconds allowing them to completely hex you.

    With that said, most are beatable in a 1v1 scenario except a few top EHP (super tanky) WD. When they are built super tanky, it's really in your best favor to just go all dps and hope to down before they down you. Vs Glass cannon with doctors, it's favorable to go EHP and high spirit regeneration (2 fist with spirit regen) and just drop as many bells as you can.

    You initiate by dashing over to them and dropping a bell. Typically they will cast horrify (which also buffs their armor) in this situation which is the reason why you want to save your blinding flash for your second initiation. When they cast horrify, you will usually be feared out of their Plaque Bats range. Take this time to regenerate some spirit for the next attack. Dash over to them and use blinding flash this time and drop more bells and try to get their Spirit Vessel to pop. Spirit vessel has a cooldown time of 2 minutes so be aggressive at this point. Typically if you can pop their spirit vessel, you can win the battle.

  • Bell knockback causes their Plaque Bats to drop, forcing them to recast. This drains their mana immensely.
  • Dashing Strike puts you behind the enemy, a good way to avoid Hex.
  • Use their dogs as a target to dash away from their attacks and hex.
  • Never stand in firebats! Unless you thuglife and if you are. Drop them bells!
  • Target their dogs with Fist Of Thunder: Quickening to regenerate spirit
  • Never initiate unless your Serenity is up
  • Learn to run. Ain't no shame in being a little chicken.
  • ══════════════════════════════════════════════════════
    - Monk vs Demon Hunter -

    Spec for vs Impale Demon Hunters!TVX!bacacZ

    Gear Recommended: Balanced /w Shield and Spear. High EHP setups for higher DPS DH's.

    Personally one of my favorite/most frustrating matchups. To be able to kill a good demon hunter requires almost perfect timing of skills and pots usage. A single mistake will result in your death. If you want to consider yourself a good monk, beat a good demon hunter.

    The reason they are most frustrating to duel is due to their natural high dodge rate from being a dex class and ability to smoke screen and vault away from you. On top of that, top demon hunters will have so much damage that they can proc your NDE with just a single impale and so much mitigation that they can mitigate 1-2 crit Exploding Palms.

    They also have a lot of auto-aim skills which can really keep you from hiding such as cluster arrow /w rockets, turrets, hungering arrow and evasive fire.

    You must use the terrain to your advantage, always hug corners. Never go on long straightaways, arrows travel far. Headphones are also really helpful at determining their location so you can try to preemptively avoid them.

    Spec for vs Rapid-Fire/Bunker DH!TVX!bacaYZ

    Same spec except Serenity: Ascension is used for more time to escape.

    Gear Recommended: 2 Hander. High Crit Chance w/o 1-shotted by Rapid Fire.


    Basically the same strategy as above. Difference is this spec will make the demon hunter fairly immobile. There is a delay in casting their next attack once Rapid Fire is initiated.

    Dash over, blind then cast EP or SSS on their location. Never initiate when Serenity is on cooldown. Run out of range if you do not land a crit Exploding Palm.

  • When blinding flash is casted, a demon hunter will display stars on top of their invisible body. You can cast EP on a invisible demon hunter. You can also precast seven sided strike by guessing the direction they will be heading.
  • Utilize your Serenity: Instant Karma to reflect their impale arrows back at them. Long straightaway are best.
  • Always use dashing strike to escape around cornes and open areas. This will increase your dodge chance
  • Time and cycle in between your use of Serenity and Health Globes. Globes have a 30 second cooldown time and 25 seconds with Beacon of Ytar. Serenity has a cool-down time of 20 seconds and 17 seconds with Beacon of Ytar.
  • ══════════════════════════════════════════════════════
    finally a monk pvp guide!!! awesome
    Nice guide.
    no lpss?
    10/18/2013 08:10 PMPosted by RelytReborn
    no lpss?

    It's not worth the affix stats unless you are gear swapping. Gear swapping in battle = lame IMO.
    Nice Guide scrapz!

    Probably u could add burst wave of light build as another option vs Demon Hunter.
    Awesome Scrappy!

    I noticed a typo btw.

    FOT has a proc-coefficent of 1.5 attacks per second which makes this the best spirit generator.

    That is attack speed modifier or haste modifier, not proc-c.

    oh shutup fitz. i hate you
    twas a good read at work scrapz great guide mate.
    ignoring the monkey brain of ^

    what's about tr builds?, anyway i'll add all the specs i know and description to the translation like a add of baller and ksl information, and the miejue and mafia match ups too
    I only listed builds I use as I have experience with those builds. Would be like a barb writing a monk guide if I tried to add something I didn't know anything about :D

    . If any monk wants to add a build writeup to the guide, feel free to. I'll edit my post and give credit where it's due
    Nice guide!
    10/22/2013 03:28 PMPosted by DerfelCadarn
    Nice guide!


    I added a few more tips and counter specs since our duel.
    Thanks for the write-up.

    Been grinding my monk up slowly after playing DH forever, good tips for brawling. Cheers.

    There is a new weapon on the PTR server that removes the seven sided strike cooldown.
    Could be fun.

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