Help! CM/WW Build

I'm currently trying to get better gear/survivability for my wiz (Aphrodite). Looking for advice on what to change up/gain more of before I get bored again. Thanks for all the help! Trying to break the 200k dps unbuffed w/o a follower, but seems really hard to change up/expensive for minuscule upgrades.. or so it would seem.

Again, thanks in advance!
Any help appreciated.
What's your budget ?

Maybe play the characters instead of upgrading all the time ?
Better survivability? Then why do you have bike shorts when you have Lacunis? Blackthorne panties would give you more ehp and LOH. And you use Glass Cannon. That's not a good idea if you think your survivability is questionable.
I currently hit the 3.01 break point with the bike shorts... Budget is about 300m or so, with few items to sell, prob about 500m or so. Changed glass cannon to evocation so I can use SA/SA, so not sure what to do now.
these are bullet points and in no particular order:

1) get a better tal chest with like 250 vit and high armor or resist (you cant get a high vit roll with both but if the armor is high enough its like having all resist on it)

2)you have to much movement speed caps at 24% (i think) get blackthornes pants for LOH and ehp you dont need the ones you have (it looks like you have IAS in every slot not sure if you wanna lose the 3.01 break point but you asked for opinions)

3)get rid of class cannon use blur or evocation

4)get better gloves with higher all resist and int/vit the crit and IAS are nice on yours but the other stats suck

5)try to get a rare ring with if you drop the 5% IAS off your one rare ring you can get one with higher int/vit and still have crit chance and crit damage with out breaking the bank (cause if you get black thornes your gonna lose the break point anyway try to stay above 2.73 I think it is)

6)get a force with higher average damage but same other stats may be costly tho (you asked about dps also)

7)when you get more vit from other places you may be able to remove some of those vit gems

just random thoughts not realy tearing your set apart its not bad you have high crit at 56% im only at 58% myself

EDIT: posted this before your post a few mins ago
10/20/2013 04:04 PMPosted by jenpeezey
Then why do you have bike shorts when you have Lacunis?
That's why he's asking for advice. No need to be condescending.
We have quite similar setup (I'm also running around in Inna's pants, the 3.01 breakpoint is too much fun to lose for some spandex shorts) so my advice would be crafting ammy first trying to get CC IAS and LOH and then try your luck with gloves.

With 400LOH only on your ring I imagine you die a lot. If you get lucky with ammy craft then your gear is good enough to farm comfortably till expansion.
Thanks for all the help. I got new gloves last night, so not too bad. Really like the inna pants, especially since I hit the 3.01.. I guess I'll look for a better chest and ammy in the mean time. If I were to drop to the 2.73 breakpoint.. I could probably easily raise my DPS.. I can drop about 17-18% ias from things if I were to... But I guess I'll have to decide to keep 3.01 or go down to 2.73.. But dat 3.01.. So fun :(

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