Bul-Kathos Set?

I've looked at the DW barbs and noticed that the main stats they had were on Bul-Kathos blades, not that mine are currently stout enough to try a higher MP level (currently doing very well with the pair on MP7) but my question is simple: Can a barbarian be efficient using Bul-Kathos at MP10?

The item bonuses are very tempting, and the "Occasional Whirlwind" is a nice addition to my setup.

What do you fellow shouters and spinners think?
It can work, but there are way better alternatives that can boost your efficiency.
10/16/2013 12:26 PMPosted by Onigami
Can a barbarian be efficient using Bul-Kathos at MP10?

It would take a very high end set with other very high end gear as well....not to mention in the current state of the game you would not benefit from a mace/axe increase of 10% crit chance, and your ceiling would be lower to how much damage you could inflict compared to let's say a Skorn or DW w/ an EF.

CAN it be efficient? If you define efficient as 20-30 second elite kills on MP10.... Yes, without a doubt....

But, can it be as efficient as the other set-up's? No. And it may end up being more expensive overall due to the necessity for high end supporting gear.
Oh, I see, well thanks!
it works, depending the built and what are you looking to do.
check my profile, may give you some ideas.


How much fury do you need to run a barb? 5 Piece IK set, MW, Animosity, ITF, and Bash!? ʇıɥs ʎןoɥ.
@acky i think he is just using the IK belt to add LS since he is using bulkathos set. i was also a 5pcs IK user before and i do think it has good effects not just fury regen. even the 3pc bonus is underrated but i kinda like it myself ^^ although my barb does not have high end gear so i dont really know the difference in damage of 300k unbuff and 350k unbuff.
i had a 100% CD near perfect Warrior Blood and there were still way better 1h rares that easily destroyed it. the set bonus stinks as well - minor STR and the +5 fury is negligible

all in all, this BK set is a massively under performer.

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