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Does anyone know where I should hunt to try and drop this item?


I'm interested finding one and leaving it unidentified until the RoS expansion. I figured it would be nightmare difficulty somewhere.

Please let me know if you can share any specifics on this weapons drop location.
you know that the stats are determined on drop right? so it really wouldn't make a difference when you unid it in ros
Yes, I know stats are determined on drop. It matters because I want to stash one now so I can use it to transmogrify in RoS. A blue has already stated that any legendaries ID'ed pre-2.0 may have to be re identified to use in the mystic transmog process.

I've learned that legendaries will be tiered so I could possibly find a useable high level Ravens bow during 2.0, but I'de still like to have one ready for then. I love the looks of this bow.

Anyways, I did a few mp 10, nightmare runs towards the end of act 1. Dropped some low 30 legendary quiver so far. I've jumped upto early act 2 hoping that is more in range.
I would try the same monster level area's as the item's ilvl which is 35.

I found this google doc couple of months back which shows the area levels.


According to this it's end of act 1 and during act 2 in Nightmare mode.

Your best bet to play these areas on MP10.

I'm not 100% sure on this though.

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