Looking for advice

Back from a LONG break...need some insight as to what would be some good upgrades on my CMWW wizard. Looking to farm MP6-7 comfortably.

Try deep freeze instead of bone chill for starters, your crit is a bit low.

Also a bit low on the APoC, might drop the Mempo for a Storm Crow, not sure how well the 9 APoC is going to work.

Aside from that, look for equipment to bump the usuals, more crit chance, more attack speed, etc etc etc.

Also, just noticed you are using chain lightning, why no Explosive Blast?
Mostly because I just started playing again. EB better than chain lightning for CMWW?
10/20/2013 03:44 PMPosted by kraig
EB better than chain lightning for CMWW?

Change the question mark to a period. There's your answer.
Check out PieHole's guide: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/8728753771

Comprehensive guide to how, what, why... also comes with a video tutorial for a more visual explanation.

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