"Temporary Outage of Battle.net Server #73"

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Temporary outage of battle.net server, please try again later error 73.....

Im not the only one receiving this message I seen a lot of others receive the same message.

Thank you to my favorite blizz rep @Grimiku@Blizzard for replieng. Much respect!

Thread to keep an eye on:


My fellow D3 Gamers, it seems like the Game is back up again. Cross fingers that its fixed for good.

I hope the people who are online on hardcore mode right now playing are aware of this error and that it could ruin their day or even d3 life~~~ because I was online searching ah when I got this error and was disconnected...
Same error message here, Any explain from blue?
I think the servers are just down idk why though
yeah i just got it too. but i have friends still on playing though.
"error 73" This error will occur when the servers are under a heavy load. Try logging in again after 5-10 minutes. It may take several attempts before you are able to successfully connect.

I have tried to log in after 15-30 minutes, when I logged in the 1st time I was able to log in as I was searching the Auction House I was disconnected with this error #73 and then I waited about 10-15 minutes and tried it and still same problem.
Thankfully I wasn't playing a game because im Hardcore mode d3 gamer and my characters are very valuable to me. I really hope that none of my fellow hardcore gamers do not loose their heros due to blizzards server issues because that would be lame as hell seriously...

Error 73 is the FAQ answer, twelve loggin and not connect yet, other issue come from blizzard then we need a blue explain, can't see anything on server status...
this game is a joke. haven't logged in for almost 4 weeks (no internet) and first attempt servers are down seems pretty standard
servers down, servers down!
Now is a good time to do some cleaning
i guess the server are on heavy load. expect more mined data on RoS tomorrow. :-)
@ ShortWolf

Server down is error 33 lol
seems Bnet is either doing maintenance every second Tuesday and they down again??? error#73 doesn't even exist in their error file! It's "error #75" Bnet couldn't even the message right.
Blah. I wish this is resolved as soon as possible or at the least, some sort of report from Blues as to the reason.
error 73 ~some problem....O__O"…
I am with you. I have a day off and have no D3 or WOW. Sucks
No starcraft either. someone must have spilled some coffee in the server room or something.
Some, including myself, are also recently unable to access RMAH with error 3006. Maybe related?

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