Auction House bids not working

Bug Report
It seems some auctions are impossible to bid on. The moment I bid it says the amount is too low and to try again and the cash is refunded back through the completed tab.

At first glance it seems perfectly fine, but when I reset the search, my refused bid is now the top bid. Keep in mind my bid is not the suggested amount but an amount I manually entered. It seems these auctions are simply bugged as there's no way I can successfully bid, regardless of the amount entered.

I can't be the only one who's encountered this? I can provide a recording if needed.

Edit: This is for PC version. Posted here by error, but it seems blizzard forgot I have D3 for PC on my account so I cannot post in the proper board.
That's how bidding is supposed to work. It stops you from trying to figure out the max bid of another user. Bid more, as the bid is higher than yours.

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