Tips on improving my CM wiz

I know there's a lot of topics like this one around, but I'm kind of stuck on what to upgrade on my wizard...
Anything I try to go with higher DPS, I lose survivability, and vice-versa, currently sitting at 4k armor, 800 AR and 40k HP!
I know I don't have a gem in my staff, it's just for comparison purposes on the AH (btw, I got my CW for 40m, pretty good right? Or are the prices that low?)

Things I'm trying to upgrade:
-WH with AR
-Vile ward, what to get on it? (I have STR for + armor)

Thing's I'm not sure on what to use:
-Armor, what should I go? I'm trying to get AR on my Tal Rasha's
-Not sure on what to do with my pants (If I go AR, I lose a bunch of int and vit)
-My rings and gloves are pretty good IMO, don't know what to get
-Armlet has pretty darn good survivability
-Boots, what should I do?

Thanks guys!
Well, since you have Inna's pants (ugh) instead of lacunis (also ugh) you really need to make your bracers and ammy work for your...and they kinda do, but you can do better I think.

Bracers: instead of maxing them out at 6CC, back off to 5CC. Also, back AR off to maybe 70 and search again. Try to find ones with armor as some INT and VIT

ammy. since you are using SC, you don't need LoH on your ammy and both rings. Typically, people use SC and BT pants for their ~800 LoH. You're fine with SC+both rings. or SC+ammy. Ultimately, SC+one ring (with 400). Actually SC+your ring with 332 might minimally be enough...especially for the MP level that you're probably playing with.

(time for a meeting at work,....more later)
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how much gold do you have left?

your weakest piece imo is your ammy, just because - aside from your weapon - it is the largest driver of your dps..

im sure you could find something on AH for pretty cheap that is a significant upgrade
You're right... that Chanto's Will for 40m is a steal! Good work.

You stats with your current gear is 3.8k armor with 788AR. That's pretty good. With 40k HP, you have 315k EHP... more than most people I see running public MP10 games.

People usually go for BT pants for the LoH but you have heaps of it else where. You've chosen Inna's over Lacuni Prowlers to hit the 2.73APS break point for the extra DPS... I'd go for one with better Int/Vit or go for an AR pair.

Your rings are pretty decent, but I would definitely swap one of them out for an Nat's ring with very similar stats. It always has IAS so I would get one with CC and LoH unless you can afford a trifecta. You can get then Nat's boots for the CC boost. It also has high armor and AR so you'll really only need to look for the Int/Vit roll. One thing it has over your ICs... the inherent movement speed.

The set bonus of 7CC is hard to ignore as a CM/WW wizard. You will lose a bit of HP but you can make it up by replacing your Chanto's Force for a Int/Vit one. More DPS and more EHP.

And yeah... Tal's chest has a wasted roll on it.. armor is cheaper than AR so that could be a good option for you.

It's difficult to upgrade because you've hit that wall where things get exponentially more expensive. It's hard to move up without spending upwards of 500m per piece.

Good luck.
Thanks everyone for advices!
I just got myself a new WH, and I equipped my lacuni's...
Exchanged one of the rings just to get to the 3.01 breakpoint with the enchantress follower...
Currently sitting at 4140 armor ant aroun 880~920 all resists!

I think I currently have way too low critical hit chance, trying to buy a nat's ring, but they're kind of expensive.

Oh, and by the way I currently have around 1b to spend!

edit: critical hit chance at 47%
So, I did some updates, what do you guys think?

-Got the boots for 25m
-Armlet for 6m
-Gloves for 4m
-Nat's ring for 15m
-Storm crow for 30m

Now I'm sitting at around 800 AR (trying to get better pants and chest pieces), 4000k armor, 800 LoH and 35k HP, but I raised my DPS to 160k unbuffed (180k with force weapon), which resulted in 1.2m/s dps against Ghom MP 10!

I think I can still get some cheap upgrades... Maybe vile ward, nicer gloves and ammy, what do you guys think?
Get an ammy without attack speed and a real good Int/CC/CD/AR roll.
10/23/2013 10:36 AMPosted by BDF
Get an ammy without attack speed and a real good Int/CC/CD/AR roll. do not need the attack speed on your ammy. Shoot for 9CC/85CD with AR and INT. Alternatively, you could drop lacunis for CC/AR crafted bracers, if you're into that.
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Got a new ammy! IMO that was a really good addition, I got an extra 0,7% boost to my defenses, and got a huge dps boost! Even though it cost me 50m (which I don't know if it's a good price, but sounds pricey).
Now for the shoulders!

Just one question, is 200k dps considered good for a CM wizz nowadays?
I was playing with a guy yesterday that was able to reach 415k with all his boosts (even though his mitigation was down on the floor).

A couple more questions. First one is unrelated, what is gold gonna be useful for after the update with no AH?
And what's the maximum critical hit chance I can get without Nat's ring?
Allright guys, I think I'm almost "done" with my upgrades, since I can't find a single piece under 100m to do it... Maybe one thing I could do was get a better Nat's reflection for a "substantial" increase, but I don't see much else!

I do think I'm lacking mitigation, 4k armor, 770 AR, 37k HP, isn't that good?
Maybe my LoH is too low??

And something I noticed, I was able to down Ghom MP10 quite easily (survivement-wise), but for some reason I can't do it anymore... I noticed sometimes I just run out of arcane power... Is that just bad positioning of my tornadoes?
Anyone reading? =P

I was thinking, would it be worth it to change my CF for one with ApOC, then go for BT pants and Mempo with cc?
How much would it cost/ how much of a difference would it make?
It would cost quite alot, Crit Mempos still aren't cheap, so I hope you have a few hundred million to toss around.

The main difference would be a massive loss of life (probably) and LoH and a massive gain of defense. Since you currently run only the LoH on your Storm Crow and ring, you would likely need to trade out Inna's for Blackthornes to make up the LoH. Try plugging the two setups into D3up before you buy, I switched from Mempo to Storm Crow a looooong time ago for CM and never looked back, and I was much happier.
I think switching to BT pants is probably the correct step 1. After that there are two obvious options (assuming you want to stay at 2.73 bp):

1. Keep SC, get a tri-ammy (IAS, CC, CD)
2. Keep ammy, switch to CC Mempo + apoc Chantado source

If you're on a tight budget, option #1 is likely cheaper, especially if you decide to craft the ammy. Option #2 will further boost your ehp, but likely is more expensive (especially if you want to maintain the same CC). For me Mempo is the obvious choice as I started my wiz as an archon, and only switch to cmww when doing mp10.

GL and have fun shopping.
Yes, ditch those innas. You are far better off with BT or good ehp rare. Also your profile shows 36k health, that needs to come up some. 45k with your current mit would be a good spot to be.

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