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I've gotten this far without resorting to the RMAH but I've also gotten to the point where I want to be able to unlock the full potential of my characters and reach breakpoints without compromising survivability! To the RMAH!
trust me bruh, we all did it. even the dudes who rip the RMAH at every opportunity possible do it. in fact, they probably do it more than anyone else.
Yeah, at some point you realize that (1) you will not get a godly drop and be free from the drudgery of picking up gold and (2) the only reasonable way to get to a point where you can do higher-level content is to go through the RMAH. To get the gear to get you to do the higher MPS (on any other class save the barbarian) you either invest an obscene amount of time grinding or pay a couple of bucks to get the gear you need. Essentially trading money for time. You eventually realize that it's like the free-to-play games you see on tablets and phones wherein you can play the base game and pay more for the best items or to play in different modes. Once my purchase gets through I'm finally going to be able to farm the higher MPs efficiently on my long-neglected demon hunter :)
Sad thing is getting those goldy items will only make the game feel less challenging and trust me... The game doesn't get any better when you get good items... if anything it gets worse because you have now proven to yourself that almost never! Does anything good drop in game... one time I got an ammy that was worth 80 mil.... that's my best find ever in about a 1000 hours of play... whoopty fricking do dah!

Save your time and money! Don't play this POS!

Torchlight and POE are much better video games IMO...

D3 was solely a vehicle to make money for Blizz and that's about it...
put D3 away and wait for AH shutdown/Loot 2.0.
RMAH/GAH = Nintendo Game Genie... whats the point of a game if you need to cheat?
Don't do it!

You're just buying better gear so that you can find terrible items more quickly.
It's not a productive use of money.

It doesn't matter where you are in gear level, you're still in a continuous loop of finding terrible gear.
I think this really illustrates how toxic the RMAH is to the game. If it wasn't in the game, and you were a player who intended to play by the rules, then the fact that your character hasn't reached "the limit" yet would not feel bad to you.

It would either be something that would keep you playing, ideally because the journey, however long, to "the limit" would be fun. Or you would simply come back to the game at another time and pick up your journey.

Those two things aren't happening with D3 mostly because of the RMAH system and the psychology it creates.

I would tell you not to do it... but it's within the rules of the game. I just hope you don't ruin the game for yourself, but it sounds like for a lot of people that is inherent due to the existence of such a dubious system like RMT.

Don't do it!
Great gear won't make a bad game better =/

If you haven't given Path of Exile a couple of play throughs then you should definitely try it before wasting $$$ on D3.
I regret paying to win. It Made me feel like i never really earned my stuff. I deleted my character and started fresh. I no longer do 300k+ but i'm fine with that.
please OP do not reward this company with real many for their utterly crap loot system, that's what they intended to do in the first place : demotivate players ---> milk them on AH

I am sorry to say I am one of the idiots that grinded so much (eu) that I can surpass the 500K damage mark if I want to on wizard; but that's because I grinded over 500M gold already....

So the only way to loose at this point in the game is to pay up in my humble opinion...
Well you could try playing Drakensang Online. They have a much more engaging P2W imo.
10/20/2013 10:13 AMPosted by Knoland
RMAH/GAH = Nintendo Game Genie... whats the point of a game if you need to cheat?

This analogy doesn't work because Diablo III was designed around using the auction houses.
I have never bought from the RMAH and never will because I don't want some money farmer to get the satisfaction of my money into his pocket.

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