Wizards, give me your self-indulgent poetry

In light of an interview I heard on the radio just now, I would like to for my fellow wizards to express themselves through the medium of poetry. But not just any poetry. I want that kind of poetry. Give me your most self-indulgent, derivative, hackney, knockoff drivel you can come up with. No rhyming, no haikus, only that free verse abstract gold that makes 'em say UGH. It's called emotion, people. Convey it! If you read your work and think "that's awful" then you know it's time to hit the submit button. Please make these poems at least mention either wizards or D3. Here's the first one I came up with.

Unlocked at Level 5

orb of light
sailing embers' movements through the wind
minute galaxy of purple elegance
counting the time from launch to touch
like a dove aloft with musical cooing

almost there and i feel a longing
ball one outside
oh orb of the arcane arts
your slow meandering
brings faith
that the next may strike

a stone couldn't break your compelling
practice extends its arm to the elders
strife, home, away--
thank you for reading my mind
Rubies are red
Amethysts are purple
Poetry is hard
Darkness clouds my soul
A gale of emotions springs forth
Shards and lightning burn within me
uncontainable, uncontainable
My will bursts into the world covered with ice
all was still
all was erupting
all was still
poison death
O! The light within the ancient repositories
We call upon the sanctum savants
Of the eternal flame; the wrath humanity knows
Of age old tales passed through tomes
Of forbidden arcane magics.

In the din of battle, it is recalled that
No man or woman could bear the confounding
Character of warfare’s fruit, but the masters
That vex the nature of our Sanctuary itself.

Another dance to conjure a storm
To wield a source to embolden the new form
O, no harm could befall should one don
The shield of diamond beneath the reactive
Chains of chaos.
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The Old Days of Diablo - A Thoughtful Revisit To The Time Before 1.0.3

How i weep!
For in the depths of our beleaguered history, our beloved lost past is heaved from its grave with no small degree of mishandling.

How I remember!
Running north of the New Tristram town, my friends cackling and calling from the safety of their stashes, "He will not last! Woe is Melkor!"

And so I fell.

Be not ill as of late! For though my soul was oftentimes wrenched from its cavernous home, beating and bleeding, I knew that it would not last - this imbalance of death to life ratios, this imbalance of failures to successes.

How I remember!
Running through The Festering Woods, astride men and women that I knew not in real life, desperately trying to type as quickly as possible, "NO ONE ACTIVATE THE EVENT!! NO ONE ACTIVATE THE EVENT!!"

Alas! I was oftentimes too late.

And so I fell.

In the days of 1.0.3, we all fell. I lament.
Thanks guys, those are amazing. I hope all of wiz forum enjoyed them as much as I did.
From fear many have fled
Misunderstood it seems that
Our arcanic siblings are
This literary art, to be exact,
Is as glorious as Star Pact.
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Waypoint, Festering freeze!
Waypoint, Festering freeze!
blood-splashing-blood, splashing fiery ecstasy
morbidly mashing, maniacally laughing
rivulets of reticent stardust
luminescent ember-embedded earth
“Killin’ monsters”
“mind if I jump in?”

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