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It obviously has no sense of smell then. 8-[
Things that I feel could be added here :

BT pants, for the defensive stats and LoH.

Unity ring as an alternative to a rare or Litany, because of the LoH and big damage.

WKL does roll with high LoH and high damage. Mine is 924 DPS 6/24 OS 955 LoH. They do exist, but you have to be lucky I guess. I paid 18m for mine :)
Nice guide! I used to run a very similar skill and gear setup, before I finally succumbed to sustain's dark side (a.k.a. LS).

Wouldn't it be more beneficial to use BT pants instead of Inna's? The loss of AS is compensated by a hefty chunk of LoH. This switch would make the Lacunis mandatory, as you can't afford to pass on another AS roll from gear, plus you'll need the extra MS. Still, if using a Mempo, in this setup you can completely forego any Inna pieces and either put on Tal's chest or go BT in that slot as well, to match the pants. Higher HP pool is highly recommendable in a LoH build, since you'll need to be able to soak up more damage, as no matter how high your AS is stacked, you can never outheal the incoming punishment the way you do with LS.
I don't always uber but when I do I use BT pants :D

I've been dabbling with a LoH APS centric build ever since we found out LS is going to be nerfed/removed when RoS hits.

Now I know we'll be finding new and much better items in RoS...but in order to find those items one must build a set around LoH, Life per sec regen and or life per spirit spent or even health globes. (or a mixture of some of those). Anyways, as I sold my LS weapons I've tried every combination in the starter post. Each had a good and a negative that came with it.

I rocked a WKL...didn't like it b/c there's no synergy with skills that don't use some Lightning attack.

I rocked 2 amazing rare fist weapons...each had over 1000 paper DPS, over 90CD, over 600LoH, OS and 9IAS or greater. I actually sold those, wish I had held on they're worth double now (or so it seems)

I tried a LoH EF with OS and a Fist of Azz :) with LoH and high dam, and with OS (no LoH) with Ruby (for a WoL hybrid build).

I tried shenlongs in every combination possible.


I found that a nice (think 1250+ DPS with 800+LoH Fist of Azz) and a nice EF (1100+ DPS, low fear chance (think 12 % and uder), 800LoH and 0.24 APS or greater is the best for attack speed. With all my buffs I was easily cracking 3.5APS, fear chance wasn't really noticeable except against Elites. I was rocking around 200K unbuffed with follower in that set up. So if you want insane speed I'd suggest going that way (yes EF is annoying but it's not all bad).

Now since I play with friends, I've stashed my EF and just regeared with 2 rares. At first look they don't look like anything great but it gives me what I want for way less than other items listed at the AH. Both my weapons cost me under 100M total. My current set up I can comfortably farm MP8+...I do miss my WoL but Serenity and or Cyclone Strike (for party play) is better as currently the game is still heavily designed in favor of LS versus LoH.

Either way, I'm so close to meeting my goals for my DW set up in anticipation of RoS and Loot 2.0 game changes. The only thing that eludes me is crafting a GG ammy with LoH. I rolled one but it didn't have VIT and the LoH roll was less than 400 (so I didn't want to gear around that).

Thanks for this thread, keep it those who want to have the upper hand when the changes hit us will ultimately have to get away from LS and choose an alternative way of life sustain to play in the higher MP's.
For anyone running LoH this nats on jsp is about the best you can find. Just a heads up for you.
Any1 care to make a solo video of MP 10 siegebreaker/kulle boss without LS? I really love to see one :D

I will amend the Wkl info and make mention on the rarity of such wkls. I was basing my info of what was available in auction house.

Will add BT as viable options when gearing for this build as well I honestly never considered these my bad lol.

Will add fist of az to viable weapon choices I will not however recommend an EF these while adding to attack speed ultimately lower efficiency. But fist of az is a good choice.

Keep the info coming and I will continue with more updates.
Edited and added in some more info in the gearing and weapons selections. Will be adding more builds in soon.
Nice guide. I love these types of threads with alternative thoughts opposed to cookies w/ regard to out of the box play style and making things work through trial and error.

+1 to BM and CC for taking the helm.
Thanks RR
I made the guide myself. Captain Carl has only enlightened me to all the different aspects of LOH and wow what a crazy amount of different efficient gearing and builds can be used with LOH. Just have to maintain aps and your good to go lol
Good luck with the guide making. Hopefully more people see the light. Been a fan of Shenlongs since day 1. Granted I don't break mine out of storage as much as I should lately, but I don't really play a lot lately either. Mostly silly odd ball set ups.

They'll always be close to my heart though, haha. So again, good luck and glad to see you convert to the better side of the "Force".

PS: Snagged a cheap and cool Butcher's Sickle to play around with for giggles today. For 50m why not I guess. :-]

960.x DPS
948 Life on Hit
53% Critical Hit Damage
2.7% Life Steal
25% Hook Grab
Open Socket
BM in regards to solo ubering here is the spec I used:

You can use the standard cookie cutter for SK/M & Ghom/R but SB/K is to much for LOH. The damage from SB and the slow bubbles for Kulle drastically affects your sustain. LOH need IAS and that slow is killer.

Spec to overcome SB/Kulle:

Mystic Ally - The biggest change - any one will do, you just need this bad boy to tank SB while you down Kulle
Serenity - Get out of dem bubbles and use it incase Siege goes balistic
SW Cyclone - eDPS
Mantra - Owe if you need DPS, HT or TOE if you need eHP
FoT - Thunderclap if you need more sustain or Quickening to fuel Bells

what was that Bells you say...yes Bells
WOL: Blinding Flash - this allows you to almost perma-stun Kulle and SB so that 1)Kulle doesnt run away as much and 2) you only have to deal with SB's RD and not his attacks.

Also if you use Stun Bells against the other uber sets it makes it so much easier. One game SK was almost perma stunned that he failed to summon his minions for about 3/4 of the fight.

The format for the list above is sorely lacking but I'm at work and need to rush :D

NOTE: I am still tweaking and upgrading my set so that one day I can take down all 3 ubers without an ally. I believe sRank was able to do it with his tanky build.

Added your uber build into the guide. On a side note I have bought and equipped a black thorns set and now have 600 ehp also upped my LOH to 2200+ check out the stats here <~~~~new gear <~~~~old gear

I still have my inna and plan on having a few options in stash
10/23/2013 06:39 AMPosted by CaptainCarl
Serenity - Get out of dem bubbles and use it incase Siege goes balistic

If I'm not mistaken, you can use Dashing Strike to accomplish the same thing without having to worry about cooldown.
Sprinkling in some pot bonus on the char. :D
10/23/2013 11:05 AMPosted by Peldin
Serenity - Get out of dem bubbles and use it incase Siege goes balistic

If I'm not mistaken, you can use Dashing Strike to accomplish the same thing without having to worry about cooldown.

Absolutely correct but Serenity allows you to face tank in or out of the bubble to refill your healthpool. It a get outbid jail free card so to speak. Hitting enrage on Kulle is GG but manageable against SB.


NOTE: I am still tweaking and upgrading my set so that one day I can take down all 3 ubers without an ally.


Passing by and saw this thread. Nice.

CC you can consider/try this build:!VUX!bYYYYa

Took down 3 ubers quite easily with this build in the past: no deaths, no ally, no follower, dual wield + overawe, no enrage. And i only have abt 210k+ dps unbuff then + MUCH lower ehp. (forgot the number) I might not be a full Shenlong user but my monk has no LS, so good chance it will work for you too.

If you happen to try, let me know how it goes, I like uber theory crafting. :)

(You can also check out other builds some of the other monks kindly shared:
I forgot if anyone else also ran without LS)
Just a random added post -

This is a build I find quite useful as well. Especially with Shenlongs for some more LpSS to go with Transcendence. I heal around 5k per Exploding Palm application that's the lowest spirit spender. Wave of Light being the highest is around 9.4k healing. Not bad for in between hits.

I often feel that this variation can be quite valuable from a solo playing standpoint primarily as it cuts down "battle time" considerably, and as such cuts down on over all damage mitigation per run. Less stressful on the LoH sustain.

It's not much different than what Druin does with 2h builds. You drop 3 EP's in a pack, hit Overawe, and then slam down a Wave of Light = everything dead. Between using Quickening and Strong Spirit - spirit is a non-issue for me. Plenty of over flow spirit if managed right for quick subtle heal bursts from Transcendence if needed in conjunction with the LoH. I run with around 2200~3k LoH and 500~650 AR depending on the scenario (ubers or trash).!bYX!YbZaab

I'll make a d3up thing later for gear, but currently it's just this. (Didn't switch Emerald to Ruby on MH as I didn't feel like making the cost switch for a quick viewing). Link to the build.
Thanks for the different build options everyone I will add them into the op tonight at work. If anyone has a video of them taking down ubers that they want to share please do.

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