Looking for shen's player advice

as per titile above, i still can't farm @ mp10, build or gear advice are welcome...thanks! :)
Use amethyst on ur helm.

Ur hf ring is crappy, get a rare ring instead.

Dont bother using Exp gear on Mp10, since the exp bonus is already great anyway.
Ask Captain Carl or Blademaster they are the experts in that area >:)
I love Shen's and use them often, and honestly those people above aren't far off.

For instance I would opt for an LoH Litany, an LoH/IAS Wailing Host, or an LoH/AvD Wailing Host as opposed to your Hellfire Ring. Possibly look into Blackthorn Pants for more LoH as well, and use that as your two piece bonus with Blackthorn Amulet. From there you can replace your Blackthorn Chest for a Tal's Chest.

Definitely need to switch out that Ruby for Amethyst in your Helm (16~19% HP is a lot!).

Basically by doing the above you're obtaining more LoH over all (about 800-900 if done right) while keeping eHP the same or better, and as an added bonus keeping the 9% IAS from switching Inna's to Tal's.

I know it sounds like work, but hopefully it will keep you motivated in the meantime while you work towards the end goal.

http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Nahsi-1156/hero/36420711 for reference.
Just made a guide for this exact thing. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/10311401143

Post there I'll see how I can help the guide is still being worked on but is mostly completed
Shenglong users tend to lean towards loh for the obvious reason, but loh builds cannot be fulfilled simply with the 50/500/5000 model. It is meant to for life steal users to reach 500k ehp with dps efficiency in mind.

Since loh don't scale as well as life steal, you will need to make it more efficient. That means
- bumping your attack speed to make it work harder and
- higher DR to reduce the amount of life drain.
- Or you can just stack more of loh.

It's probably a good idea to have decent amount on each factor over focusing on one. If your sustain is the main issue with mp10, you may have to rethink your gear. You need to lose some vit and replace them with Armor/Resist. This will probably make your ehp drop some so you will need to maximize your vit on certain slots/affix.

The result will be increased hp:ehp ratio to increase healing efficiency which your lpss and lps can benefit from as well. You will still need to maintain that minimum 500k ehp, and increasing dps on top of all that will be a challenge.
that's a very good insight.
BM you may want to borrow his quote into your LOH build guide.
Your trying to max out exp gains with that ruby and HF but with your current DPS running MP10 will lower your exp efficiency runs.

You can do all of the above but before you spend your hard earned gold take a look at your skill set first. As others have mentioned LOH is not as efficient as LS but definitely a viable alternative. If your sustain can't keep up with incoming damage choose a few skills that mitigate or completely stop the flow of damage.

For one you are not using Serenity, the LOH users best friend. Another good skill is Blinding Flash since it immobilizes mobs for a few seconds allowing you to fill your health pool and take down the mobs infront of you with the few seconds of buffed damage. Both these skills have cool downs so BoY is a good choice to keep them up as much as possible.

Secondly, you are using TR without a 2 handed weapon. If you like the mobility opt for DS which can get you out of right spots when surrounded. DS is excellent for LOH cause it gets you out of sticky situations. Also if you fin yourself killing a bit to slow and get surrounded easily you can try Bells to scatter the crowd with its knockback. Not only will you give yourself some breathing room but bells pack quite a punch and can clear trash mobs while you square off with the Es.

Lastly, it's all about balance. Finding the right amount of AS, LOH/LpS/LpSS, eHP for your playstyle. You will Bevin your toes and try not to pop all cool down skills attendance time. Wait for the most opportune times to take advantage of the situation like if serenity is on cool down and your about I be hit by frozen you can use blinding flash to immobilize everybody right before frozen pops to give yourself a few more valuable seconds to fight and let sustain kick in hen you unfreeze or when serenity cool down expires.

Cheers & GL,
thanks for everyone, just go though the LOH guide, it's help :) so i will try to raise the dps & try to increase the AR as well, will change to serenity to replace CS as CaptainCarl suggested. Will try it later..
After dping some minor changes of some gear, i manage to raise my dps to 177k,5100 amor with STI , 650AR With OWE & 1800 LOH, but look like very difficult for me to hit 200k as blademaster suggested, which piece should i upgrade first? Thx.. my budget is ~150mil
Hard pressed to choose anything as it will affect your eHP but I think you should start crafting Amulets. Hopefully you roll something similar to BM for a DPS upgrade and some LOH.

Mind you at 177k DPS you can farm MP10. It will feel a bit slow against certain Es/Affixes but definitely doable.


It's not that bad to have lower DPS for higher eHP with LoH builds. Plus I'm not sure about the whole mp10 obsession. mp8 or 9 is also respectable. Play within the means of your budget/gear/skills.

Besides, if you really wanted to compensate for lack of DPS, just use Tri-Gen. That would significantly boost your DPS in battle, as well as gain additional IAS to help support LoH.

http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Nahsi-1156/hero/36420711 for reference.

Instead of using Exalted Soul; switch to Combination Strike. Not sure why you even have Implosion on there. It's a an odd ball skill to throw in there for your situation. It's not a zdps build. Instead, maybe try to use the skill layout referenced above. If you need Serenity to stay, just use Way of the Hundred Fist and leave Deadly Reach out. That way, with WotHF you are still obtaining the IAS bonus and DPS at the same time.

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