@Sinafae, Bumbly, and my other teamspeak buds

I miss you guys, where have you been?

It's been super boring lately, I don't even play diablo during the daytime now because there is no one to chit chat with.
That's it
I'm going to log I tonight!
I been playing this game...it's kind of weird.

You kill enemies and get loot. It's hard to explain to anyone playing D3.
I would love to come hang out but im working tonight! I will be on tomorrow night!
all i do is work :( i wish i had more play time
I log in every day, but no one has been around, so I leave it open a little while and then log back out with a :( face. It's been lonely, so I haven't been playing at all since last week.
I will log in after dinner than. Have 4 mins left till the timer goes off on the oven.

Still have 12 long lvls to go to hit 100 and not getting any closer it seems.
for what it's worth, i'll be on after 10pm tonight, i think. :)
im mad at your nameless, you got me in trouble with the signet!

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