Do blues and greens still read this forum?

The PvP community has organized nice PvP guides and requested sticky for all that material, but it seems CMs and MVP don't read the messages from this forum anymore. Are you there?
They likely are, but they are probably very busy and don't get around to answering 99% of the posts they read. I would like some official support for PVP though.
I'm sure they patrol this forum from time to time. However PvP is a very sore subject that think makes them an easy target for a flame. I'm guessing more PvP content is coming but is under lock and key at the moment. I hope they sticky the compilation thread though, make it easier for new people to quickly find the information they need.

[Information] PvP Guides, Builds & Mechanics

Hopefully the new Brawling sticky!
Yes, on occasion.

OP, what particular guides are you referring to?

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@Planet, thanks a lot for the reply! Saltydog already pointed the main thread, with links to all the guides and additional information on PvP. That's a nice team work of the PvP community, with the initiative of Saltydog himself and fundamental contribution of some of the best PvP players around.
Hey thanks man! I really appreciate the msg to them! I hope we can make Brawling a little more popular and get some more competition :D
Thanks a lot!

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