What are the alignments of the classes?

Lore and Story
That's how you know everyone here has been playing Baldur or NWN...

My personal opinion...

Barbarian: Neutral Good
Monk: True Neutral
Hunter; Lawful Good
Wizard: Chaotic Neutral
Witch Doctor: True Neutral
Templar: Lawful Good
Scoundrel: Chaotic Good
Enchantress: Neutral Good
10/23/2013 06:51 PMPosted by bearr
I have no idea what chaotic good or neutral good is... Is it supposed to make sense?

When we refer to Chaotic we refer to absence of justice.
Chaos doesn't mean evil. it means absence of order.

So you have
Lawful - Neutral - Chaotic
Good - Neutral - Evil.

Adria is Lawful - Evil. As she served and will forever serve Diablo. But for the "Lawful" who she serves isn't important. It's the fact that she serves that is important. Evil because well... she serves Diablo...

On the opposite. A Chaotic Good person would be someone that work for the good of humanity. But do not give a damn f@ck about laws and rules.
I was thinking about it again and came with this:

Monk: Lawful Good (of course, the Monk is a nice guy, following the will of God)

Witch Doctor: Lawful Neutral (like ChangBooster wrote, the Witch doctor seeks balance, thus being neither good nor bad, but following the nature rules)

Crusader: Neutral Good (like Nevalistis said, I totally agree)

Barbarian: Chaotic Good (from what I gather in the dialogues, the barbarian seems like a nice guy, even if his desire is more glorious battles)

Demon Hunter: Chaotic Neutral (from what I heard through the dialogues, the Demon hunter seems a bit cold. I think life has been pretty harsh with her and that it stayed with her, but she still is helping people. She has no rules whatsoever)

Wizard: True Neutral (a teenage girl avid of chaotic power, thinking more about herself in this way, but still helping others. And that chaotic power she must control it some kind of nature rules)

It also results that every class is different and I kinda like it.
Witch Doctor: Funky
In a real-world sense, they're all basically good, even though their personalities and mindsets vary.

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