Sheng Long set or Skorn?

Hi fellow Monks,
I am a novice monk, bored of my wizard, trying to play as a monk.

which weapon of choice is better?

like 2 sheng long with sockets(emerald) or skorn or any weapon recommend for my female monk?

can I get to know any veteran monks here ?please introduce yourself please.
Thanks In Advance!
: )
Depend on your skill build. If you are playing with bells (like Druin exp build guide), then Skorn is the best possible choice.

for DW monks, shenlong set are mostly for astetic purposes, its dps are usually lower than most of 1h combination such as EF/WKL/Rare, and since it can only have 1 random property, you want a socket. Thus leaving you with no LS.
FYI, its sad that there are no other piece of equipment nor skills on monk that can provide LS except wep. Which explained why monk's wep with LS is way more expensive than CD.

Just my 2c.
There is a guide at the top of the forum that had a bunch of info in it. I also just made a guide for running shens and a life on hit build. As for vet monks there are many myself included. Skorn 2 hander bulls are fairly cheap to build so you might want to start there until you become familiar with the monk class.
Thanks Ara and BM,
I am lost for whic builds to go with,I want to solo MP 10 with ease or medium difficulty build monks.

which one should I go for?

cookie cutter Cyclone spinning around or bell monks or 3nd xxx build?
It all comes down to personal preference best thing about monks is almost every build works with one set of gear. Once you find which build and style works for you then you can tailor your gear more towards that build.
Example cookie build works best with Wkl but will work with any weapons so if you like this build them buy your Wkl.
Nirvana works best with slow main hand weapon again will work with any weapon combo.
build yourself a template gearset and try all build :) then specialize more to to optimize your favourite. all builds are pretty nice. i so far have liked nirvana build and having fun melting mobs :)
Just like the above poster said. Try experiment with many monk builds, and settled with the one that made u comfortable: nirvana, 3 gen, cookie cutter, etc2.

For me, i settled with the 2-gen build. Doing mp 10 with ease and almost never die.
Required Weapons for maximum Monk fun.

- Decent Won Kim Lau off hand (Trigen)
- Decent Echoing Fury off hand (Nirvana, Quickening)
- Decent Dex Skorn with LS (Tempest Rush, Druin EP build)
- MH with ChD/OS/LS
- Bigger MH with Chd/OS (optional)
- Bad !@# EF for MH if Dual-Wielding with WKL. (optional)

Nirvana requires fast-fast, bells like Druins prefer slow-fast, or Sledgefist for ZDPS.

I'll go with a EF OH first, with your choice of MH. If you play party, your role in parties can be severely dimished with a Skorn due to slower regen for spam.

For the off-hands I even have OS/LS and OS/ChD versions in case I wanna DW. Pretty cheap in most cases, particularly for the OH, as long as you are willing to wait a while for good deals. Got a 93%/OS/0.24 one for 10M and a OS/3LS/0.23 one for 30M.
If you like shooting fireballs or have ever been a Dragon Ball Z fan, get Shen's.

If you like Axes and pretend to be a Barb, get a Skorn.
If you like shooting fireballs or have ever been a Dragon Ball Z fan, get Shen's.

If you like Axes and pretend to be a Barb, get a Skorn.

Hey you forgot street fighter for reference to shens :p
Is life steal going to be nerfed in expansion?

is it worth buidling a LS monk if the above is true?

PS: what is 3 gen or trigen Won kim lau???

Hello Mr. Flair! :P

So here's something I wrote a while back in another thread, but might as well quote myself here.

I think that the main difference between 2H play and DW play is around the question of where you would like to see the bulk of your damage come from.

For most DW traditional cookie-based builds (including duo-gen, tri-gen, etc), most damage is melee based (tacked onto melee attacks via SW/C) and spirit is spent buffing the damage from those attacks. Attack speed is a "truer" factor of DPS, since increased attack frequency would also proc more cyclones, etc. Speed of spirit generation is not as big of a factor in here, which is why anything with spirit-on-crit is hardly necessary in these builds.

For majority of 2H damage-dealing builds (where most of the spirit gained is translated directly into damage rather than TR which is a form of transportation), most of damage directly comes as a result of spirit spent (via WoL attacks) and so an "indirect" form of DPS comes in the form of passive spirit generation (SR on gear, ES, CoR), spirit generation skills (FoT/Q, CW/RT, EP/SS, SW/IS) and spirit generation boosts (TGP, templar, shrines). The quicker you generate spirit, the more damage you can put out. Attack speed is relevant, but not for the purposes of direct DPS but more for the purposes of spirit generation that leads to higher damage output. Spirit-to-damage conversion is a factor here in ways that it's not really as much of a factor for traditional DW cookie builds.

With DW/Bell builds, it's kind of a hybrid of sorts and Nirvana gives you the best of both worlds. It has a way of giving you huge damage via Bells, but you also have to deal with the cooldown period where spirit generation grinds down to a halt, and thus, so does your DPS output. The fact that each bell tends to be less powerful than a 2H bell (even with the FitL buff) ends up spreading the monsters that don't die is also annoying and affects your effective DPS output. It can be powerful, but there is also a tradeoff.

I think that your playstyle and preferences on where you'd like to see most of your damage come from will dictate what you prefer. One of the things that I find interesting though is that a hidden form of DPS that never ever shows up on anyone's paper DPS sheet is the speed at which you can generate spirit for 2H. Just something to consider.

And some answers to your questions...

10/24/2013 04:55 AMPosted by NatureBoy
Is life steal going to be nerfed in expansion?

Likely. But that's going to be a good 4-5 months away. No sense in preparing for that now, as that's going to be a whole new game (since they are buffing other forms of life regen as well). If you play the game now, might as well put together the best build possible according to what they have now. So yes, pick up LS weapons as they are by far the most effective way to regen life in the current version of the game.

10/24/2013 04:55 AMPosted by NatureBoy
what is 3 gen or trigen Won kim lau???

Look through the guides at the top of monk forums in the sticky. There, you will find a bunch of guides to different builds available to you. You'll find a nirvana guide, trigen guide, TR/Bell/EP guide. It's all there. Just read.


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