Been away for months. Sword question...

Last I knew, black swords were still useful, especially with the rubies. I'm not sure how helpful it would be for a Monk. I mean, they can't dual wield can they? So, a "stat stick" really doesn't help a Monk does it? Or are there some builds that could use a sword like this with the Dex bonus?

There are a couple of swords worse on the auction for a gazillion gold, so it intrigues me to hear what people who are playing think of this.
I think most people prefer a WKL (Trigen) or EF (Nirvana) offhand.

Also, as far as stat sticks go, that is average.
To give an example, I have a +0.25 attack Echoing Fury, and it adds more paper DPS than a 93% ChD Sword. My current EF adds more DPS than a perfect ChD / Socket roll, and we haven't even added in the extra damage from FitL.
Oh right. An EH. Well I wonder why people are asking so darn much on the AH for these. I would think an EH would beat this easily....unless the fear is an issue for some. Huh.

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