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How many of you are leveling alt monks now in anticipation of the new expansion? I know I am I just hope it pans out like I hope
I can't even find the motivation to level my monk main.

I know its so tedious... I hope crusader is gonna be a decent STR char just to break things up
I'm leveling a monk, except I'm having a hard time farming for extended periods of time solo. In group games, I find a monk a ton of fun.

Nirvana or TR builds for solo is what I normally stick with... regardless, I end up petering out in like half an hour or so. I can go for a couple hours straight if I'm running with a full party, though.
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That's what I did before I stopped playing. Then, I realized it's just.. so boring to do the same runs everyday for just.... plvling and nothing else.

Paragon 2.0 will pan out as it was advertised I'm sure. So, plvl that alt monk if you really like grinding. :)
Yup...plvling an alt Monk as well.

I'm trying out different builds this time instead of just dual-wielding my way to 100 like I did last time.
I agree with you Jaetch, Hard to just run unless im in a group now.. I run maybe an hr a day in the morning with my coffee and maybe a little at night but don't put in the hrs like I used too
Working on my second monk now, taking the time to try some builds I haven't.
I might make another, depending on how busy I get over Xmas.

Me. Trying to get 100 before xpac.

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