Fun times.

There's no build that's more annoying than Nirvana Explosive Light. LOL

I've done a lot of trolling builds with my friends before. This was by far the best trolling build. haha

Try a full ias WF (50% KB) DH with legacy nat set.
Nope the one I posted still beats that :P
Kinda the opposite--I like max CS redux + max spirit regen + Eye of Storm + DSQ for fun times. Draggin mobs all over the place away from salvating players, or onto players afk or in chat.

That gets me booted pretty fast.

Also good are 1) CM wizards with TP:Calamity & WoF and 2) High APS/APOC blizzard wizards with 15s stark winter blizzards. Makes the whole screen white. Heck, most of an entire zone can be covered in blizzard. Cursors lost forever in white lagstorm!

People complaining about bells don't even know what they are missing!
The blizzard build sounds like real fun Vox. I gotta try it!
That sounds fun.

On it.
Hey Kim try it with the Fear build I posted (not sure if fear proc's with blizzard though) if it works would be the ultimate trolling build!
Blizzard has horrendous proc chance, unfortunately.

If multiple blizzard spammers were in same game. Omigosh.
Damn....any wiz aoe spells with high proc chance? Actually any aoe from any class as long as the proc chance is high!!!
10/28/2013 12:42 PMPosted by Wannabee808
Damn....any wiz aoe spells with high proc chance? Actually any aoe from any class as long as the proc chance is high!!!

The annoying thing about the Wizard class is that pretty much no skills have a decent proc chance. I'm pretty sure some skill actually have a negative proc chance. The mere existence of CM means that all the skills proc chances have to be balanced around that, and even if you're not doing a CM build, you're still not going to get a good proc rate on anything. Annoyed the crap out of me because I couldn't get any life back using LoH as a main form of sustain.
So on that note, suggest a high proc rate aoe from any class Demi, puuulleeese that way I can troll pub games properly! :P
Acid Cloud: Acid Rain from the Witch Doctor. Huge AoE, upwards of 200% proc rate in the center of the AoE (I think), and while the DoT from the ability doesn't stack on each cast, the proc rate does.

Yes, with a high fear EF, you actually don't add much damage when casting it quickly in succession, but you do add more fear procs. Have fun. Use responsibly.
Hahaha thanks Demi. I will name it the "Demi Doctor" build in your honor! :)
No wonder theres so many reported thread
LOL I'm going to go do this right now and I'll let you know how long it takes for someone to start talking !@#$.
Oh God. This is want happen when you removed PK from the game Bliz.

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