Game deadlocks in act 3

Console Bug Report
I'm on Xbox (happens since launch and now also with the latest patch).
It is the disc version and installed to my HDD.
Playing as Whirlwind Barbarian, same build as my PC char but instead of WOTB I use HOTA (but friends of mine also had this happen with their Wizard and Demon Hunter)
Happens in solo play (with and without follower) and in Multiplayer (I think it never happened off host)
Happens in a Xbox live party and without party.
Stash is at around 140-170 of 210.
Inventory was not full.
No modded save file.

The game randomly deadlocks in Act 3 quite often (never experienced this outside Act 3 or in another area than Keep Depths 2, Arreat Crater 2 and Bridge of Korsik).

When this happens the audio starts to stutter (in an endless loop) at first (can't hear my friends in party chat because it also outputs the same stutter sound instead of voices) and then if I press any skill button the screen freezes. But when I eject the disc I'm back on the Xbox dashboard and the console becomes responsive again.

It is not always happening when there is alot going on onscreen. Sometimes there are only 3-5 enemies onscreen. But it seems that it usually happens when I ran through the area(s) very fast and maybe leave some wounded enemies behind.

I saw the data loss thread but I posted this in a separate thread as it seems that this is another issue (of course data is lost when this happens but I think that's because the game did not save until the deadlock)

Had this happen yesterday again but this time on my Demon Hunter when I was standing still and attacked (rapid fire - 40% piercing rune) a few enemies (3-4) in one of those rooms with the 4 breakable tables.

- Changed the misleading comment about ejecting the disc.
- Added description of scenario with Demon Hunter
10/31/2013 02:19 AMPosted by Grandsmith
But when I eject the disc everything becomes responsive again.

Interesting. I will definitely have to try this on the PS3 the next time I experience this. Wonder if the same result will occur.
Sorry, my description was misleading - when you eject the disc you will be send to the Xbox dashboard (OP edited).
11/01/2013 01:22 AMPosted by Grandsmith
Sorry, my description was misleading - when you eject the disc you will be send to the Xbox dashboard (OP edited).

Still ok with me, beats hard restarting your console. Hasn't crashed in a few days though, patiently awaiting so I can try :D
Having exactly this issue as well. Just made a topic on it. I'm not playing d3 until this act 3/keeps dungeon/snowy area freezing issue gets fixed. I'm too paranoid a person to risk a save corrupt.

WW barb as well

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