Because I'm such a nice guy

Im giving my archon set to someone on the 29th of this month if a giant flaming comet doesn't destroy us hehe
me! Please?
Hey Yori, I would hope you'd consider passing down your gear to me. I'm not sure how you will decide who to hand it down to, but for what it is worth, I too have handed gears down to those getting their toes wet in higher difficulties of the game. I am all for helping out those who need it if it means they will be able to enjoy the game even more. And, if it works, yesterday was my birthday lol.
I'm Poor.
Can I have your shoulders, gloves, bracers, and amulet?
Actually I need, like really need your gear. Can I hazzzz? I'm a known lurker. And you do know that I'm Archon forevaaaaaaaa, don't you? Also I'm carrying your mark. :P :P
10/30/2013 08:25 PMPosted by Malakai
Can I have your shoulders, gloves, bracers, and amulet?

heart this
I'm a long time lurker, but I hate playing archon. So don't give it to me.
Hey, I've been lurking these forums since the game came out playing on an off but always a wiz and always archon, i guess my gear isn't horrible (I seem to think its pretty good) but i have never used RMAH and most of my stuff is crafted, but i really could use one of your rings either the pox or the unity would be awesome if possible, i've been using the same ring wailing host i found pre 1.0.3 lol.
10/30/2013 09:45 PMPosted by Kaniran
I'm a long time lurker, but I hate playing archon. So don't give it to me.

Can i have this bro?
may I throw my gauntlet into this competition???
Ive been meaning to try archon out, so a full set would be a really quick way to get into it.
Perhaps its the two beers, but...

I think it would be neat to raffle this off. Have everyone who is interested toss in 10k gold (or something), pick a winner, make a new set, ENDLESS RAFFLES FOR ALL ETERNITY!!
I would love to win this archon set, I am trying archon out but my gear seems very lack luster. I cant keep archon up worth a darn and as soon as I lose it I am dead.
Can I have something? My wiz has been stuck forever :(
How did you even survive? 16.8k life? That is a glass cannon if I ever saw one.
You sure you don't want to give me your wand? :)
Hi there, I am a guy on a budget that could use some help. Everything I have is from selling drops and making gold. Just Did UBRS mp5 for the 1st time in group.

Good on you for helping people out!
Me please!

Love to lurk :)

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