Treasure Goblin - 160K CM Wiz - Ended

Hi, CM set for wizzies with budget constraints, for 1 gold.

Will end this in 24 hours. Post here if interested, will pick random number per previous.

Stats on Paragon 100 with scoundrel

160K DPS
2.76 Attack speed
58% Critical Hit Chance
760 All Resist
4280 Armor
886 Life on hit
41K Life

Good Luck!
I wanna join please!
I would love to enter, thanks!
Happy Halloween everyone.
Ares here to sign up
I'll join too!
Still leveling my wizzie but awesome thread and really cool of you. Happy Halloween.
Thanks for doing up a contest, I'd like in too.
Being poor, I would love to enter this!! Thanks!!
i would be happy with this
Sweet! I'll join on in
This is nice!! :D ill join :D
I wanna join!
NICE Im poor but I have a decent CM but still struggling :( anyhelp would be awesome

Pedopenguin #1205
I'm in please! One of these days, my luck is bound to change!
kodus to you Xfstar!
can I ask you how much you spent making this set?
Tossing my hat in the ring.

I've entered a few of these with no luck. I'd love to enter! You are awesome for doing these.
Count me in!
i want to be a cm wizz pick meee :<
sign me up! thanks

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