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Got a level 58 wizard in hell mode and it's brutal. every elite i face, i die once or twice before taking him down. Lord help me if it spawns near a waypoint or entrance to a new area - i'm pretty much screwed. I pretty much have to clear a delicate path and then kite the hell out of mobs, blues and elite should i encounter them. if i accidentally stray into a dark area - wizard is feeding a tree. it's a love hate thing with this guy. i like the challenge but he goes down pretty easy. there is one thing i have but i hate using it because it feels lame. a buddy of mine had pity and got me a killer staff from the AH. with my current gear (wand + offhand source), my damage is an embarrassing 3k. I equip the staff in times of need and it shoots up to 16k.

anyway, no real point to this post except to whine among my wizard colleagues. should the day come when i face Big D - no way I can solo it. thankfully my buddy agreed to help me as long as I buy him a case of 9% IPAs. I can't even comprehend inferno mode with this character.
You shouldn't be dying to every pack. If you are, you are doing something wrong. Are you playing on any MP level? I was still using blue items when I was in Hell and doing more than 3k DPS :s
I agree with OP. Level 57 to 60 is brutal mainly due to lack of mitigation.
Once you get to 60 the gear makes it easy mode.
act 2 can be nasty, because you get "inconvinient" mobs like wasps or mortal lacunis or dune treshers etc.

well, first decision is down to self-found vs auction house. both ways are okay. if you play self-found, then it definetely be difficult, but that's your choice.
if you don't care about "selffound", then just browse AH for reduced level requirement and for peanuts (maybe 100,000 gold or so) you'll upgrade yourself so that everything melts in the blink of an eye infront of you. so no more tips about AH.

if you're not into AH, then things are a bit more difficult. take a step back and start farming lower levels for experience. Good farming place for hell difficulty is "crypt of the ancients". Start act 1, "the Broken blade" quest, teleport to drowned temple. Go to festering woods and find the "crypt of the ancients" dungeon. enter and you'll get a checkpoint save, so next time you enter the game, you'll have COTA portal ready. Clear it (and kill elite) and teleport to town and leave game. DO NOT TOUCH the blue sphere (Beacon of Light), as this will end your quest aand you'll lose your portal.
Resume game and take portal to COTA and do it all over without taking a sphere. Farm this for some time and you'll be level 60 in a short time.

the good thing with experience is that being on higher level than mobs means receiving less damage. The issue is that act1 hell will drop items around level 50-55 max which are too weak for you, act 2 will be 53-56 or so and act3 upto 59 (afaik). AFAIK only on act4 you get chance for level 60 gear.

so self-found means a lot of crafting yourself, farming lower levels and taking your time. it's inevitable. After you've levelled up one hero and can tackle higher content, you can use him/her to gather loot for other characters.
Highq -

Thanks for the tips and advice. I have been farming more based on your suggestions. I did sneak out to AH and upgrade my source. I tasn't uber but it did knock up my damage from 3.2k to 4.1k and that's made a huge difference in my ability to survive. For the longest time, i only believed in 'selfound' but i the task of living became to difficult. i don't plan on using AH unless I really get stumped but i've accepted the fact I can't solo the end game so I guess i'm finally cool with recruiting help to face the last boss when that day comes. thanks again.

Just my tiny little 2 cents

I recently hv my 2nd wiz pass 1-60 without any difficulties

Catches from 54-60:
A) go to AH & seek daggers with (1) socket (2) lower lvl requirement (3) LS
B) go to AH & seek shield & other armors with (1) lower lvl requirement (2) decent amy of intelli + vit
C) Place a radiant star ruby in the dagger
D) Always wear Leoric signet (lvl 14 onward)/ Hellfire ring/ ruby @ helm (lvl 1 onwards)

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