3v3 guild meet

The Brawling Legion and Pay to Win is having D3's first guild meet.

The matches so far are:

1. DJPoop vs scrapz
2. Metapod vs TheRisen
3. Xandiu vs MannerCookie or Saltydog

For each player listed, please leave a post stating the times you are available to meet. Once each player has posted a time, we will set an official date.
right now.
If Manner or salty both cant do it. I will get another to play the 3rd. Maybe Mafia (monk) will take that position. Depends on what Manner or salty want to do.
So Monk versus Monk, that one is good. But DH vs WD? and lastly DH vs Barb or Wiz? How are those gonna be balanced lol?
Weasel you aren't going to participate? Would be cool to make the event as large as possible. I know Davarius and Derfel play quite a bit so maybe 6v6? I don't know if I will be able to take part but there are many from PTW that are very active.
hmmm so what's going on?

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