Any perma-fun for wiz, besides perma freeze?

Though I super love cm wizarding & archon, there comes a time I want to find some new fun for wiz....

I also tried perma-WoTB/WW for barb, perma-bells for monks, perma-bats for WD, perma-rapid fire for DH & of course perma freeze for wiz

Is perma sleet-storm or perma-meteors even possible?

I tried meteors with saving in A/P rune, but though meteor release is real fast, I cannot meteor-blast a target for too long for Arc Pwr constraint
Also, for sleet-storm, i find draining of arc pwr is way too fast than recoup
I ve got AS3.08, APoC 20, cc>50, using a 1.7X CTD wand

Should I lower A/S by swapping to, say axe/ spear, so i can meteor-blast / sleet storm longer? Are they really possible for arc pwr issues free? Wonder any one try them b 4???? how abt using 2-hander for these purposes? Any magic number of AS / gears like SOJ that makes perma possible like WD's perma bats?

many many thx, fellow wiz's
Like most other channeled spells in the game, SS is easier to sustain with lower APS ut can be done at higher APS if you have some combination of high CC and APoC, astral presence, tal's bonus, arcanot. At lower APS, SS is very easy to sustain.

Meteor as a primary attack is possible as well. It's harder to gear than SS IMO. Only places you can get meteor reduction are SoJ and SG rings, and source.

But, yeah they are both possible
My wizard's setup is nice if you want to Spectral Blade things.

You slap down some Blizzards for constant Slow, damage and a 20% damage increase, then just hack away. Although Frost Nova and Crystal Shell don't trigger as often as a WW/CM could, it still gets you decent ground to stand on. You would also need to invest in some EHP.

For weapons and offhand, you are bridging the gap. You need a weapon capable of doing Archon with, so high DPS, Life Steal and crit mods and you can get a good Chantodos with Blizzard duration or Spectral Blade bonus. I went with Occulus because it was the best thing I could find and it was worth 400M on the AH at the time (at least the bots thought so :p)

Mine has 416K EHP without buffs and I can handle MP7/8 no problem.

But as for your Meteor dilemma...

I have seen people get away with it and they use Star Pact and 1 guy even used Liquify. You just need a constant AP recharge and you can drop maybe 2 or 3 meteors at a time before you need to let WW get you back to max. It was never designed to be a spammable spell like Arcane Explosion was. A 2 hander might not be a good solution as you would lose potentially 10 CC and you lose something you desperately need: APOC. Or you'd have to blow a passive to get AP back and it isn't super necessary.

As for Sleet Storm, you are better off swapping out for a Life steal, CD wand, kinda like the rare one my Wizard has. It would slow down your attack speed to about 2.xx but with that 20 APOC you have, you can easily maintain the costs of it. But you will need to factor in EHP doing this as you will no longer have the permafreeze you were so used to and monsters will STILL shoot you. A friend of mine does this and he has no problems, but he dies every once in awhile. But this is because he pushes his luck on elite packs and often ends up staying too long in plague and molten pools.
thx sooo much guys
I got perma-SS done by switching right back fm 1.77 CTD wand to 1.65 CTD w/soc.
(AS drop fm 3.1 to 2.87), can survive MP10 quite nicely & melt mobs on spot, LOL

i'll test with sword w/ LS+CD+SOC, AS1.4 later on
to see what will happen when APoC drop from 20--->10 (take away CTD wand)

For perma-meteor blast, I met someone few hrs ago who did it with 1.78 CTD wand & its like machine guns blasting from the sky(star impact). His AS is 3.2X, this means if i were to do it, i gotta get an amulet w/ AS & LOH600+ & CD/CC, this is kinda mission impossible for me (maybe spending hundreds of millions to craft!?!?!?!?!)

Many thx again, u guys rock!
Not the best Wiz out there myself XD

I would suggest to have more EHP for SS build, besides get 18-20 APoC for 1H + OH; or you can run it with a high dps SKORN (LS 5.6% +) with 10 APoC, which I was doing before swapping to the current setup.
Perma-SS (swirling sugar)
The most fun wiz build I've played is disintegrate/blizzard.
With Frost Nova for +15%crit chance and eventual defensive time (freeze and steal life back).

You can get perma-disintegrate with a slow weapon + Power of the Storm + Astral Presence.
I even regenerate AP while channeling (good for blizzard spam).

I run with that build on mp10 you are lucky cause u have nice gear on ur Lv100WD if u wana have fun with my build use her gear on ur wiz but need a few thing here.

1.storm crow 5.5cc cost less than 3
2.the occulus 100 vita cost less than 1m good weapon that have attack speed not more than 1.3 good gloves that don't have attack speed cause arcane mines build u only need attack speed around 1.5
5.SOJ that -4 disintegrate cost in a few million (just for switch ring when deal with annoying enemy like act 3 kw, gob,desert hornet, phantom etc.)

Then have fun
11/04/2013 09:45 AMPosted by Moridin

This, once you understand the difficulty in achieving high aps meteor spam, and the pursuant fun you have with said builds you really don't bother with anything else, just ask yodatoy.
11/05/2013 12:33 AMPosted by Harrowing

This, once you understand the difficulty in achieving high aps meteor spam, and the pursuant fun you have with said builds you really don't bother with anything else, just ask yodatoy.

I did this all of last night and had some epic fun. Felt good for a change.
Permadisintegrate is also possible. Not too tough to achieve. Can be done with 1H or 2H setups. 1 cost reduction item is usually recommended.

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