Stuck with Gear

After playing at launch, getting to 60 inferno, killing diablo, taking a year or so break, and coming back, I'm actually giving a damn about gear.

Hitting the AH has kind of surprised me. I've got about 115k DPS unbuffed and this feels rather low for 100M items. I haven't found anything that really significantly increases my DPS. Most upgrades I've found only increase it by about 10k DPS and that's for a lot of gold. Am I missing something or is that all I can expect for that amount of gold?

Depends on the build and gear from my experience. I'm no AH expert, but none of my gear was outrageously expensive, I believe my weapon is in the 100m range, but the rest of my gear was all purchased for less than 10m a piece. I've spent FAR more money on crafting, but that's just luck.

What build are you going for, the current arcane torrent build you have equipped? Your gear is kind of all over the place, with very low crit chance. Check out one of the gearing guides at the top of the forum, for starters.
thats because most of the items you got have not got proper stats on them, also strongarm bracers are nothing but salvage material.
it really looks like self found legendary items thrown together.

if you paid 100's of millions for the items. you helped some people out who threw the items up for that price hoping for someone to come along and unknowingly purchase it.

you should read some of the guides for the wizard forum in the sticky thread.
or find someone knowledgable able to help you find and purchase proper gear.

also you will need to change your spec up if you want to have a proper working build.

i built mine from just reading those threads and asking a few questions.
over 200k unbuffed.
as for your stone of jordon. your not really at a decent enough amount of dmg to sport one.
id really just replace it with a good rare ring.

also crafting the bind on account bracers / ammy / gloves can eventually get you a very nice setup.

hope this helps.
Thanks guys.

As I played I tended to just do my own thing. Do what I thought was cool, whatever. So, the build thing is new to me. I've been doing some reading and been casually trying to adjust my gear. I've been trying to avoid buying everything.

I've bought all my current gear but tried somewhat to keep it cheap. What I was going for with the SoJ was for what I calculated to be about 500k hits on elite mobs when I crit. I tried reading some guides but they each seem to take each type of proc and study it in separation. With the SoJ and it's +% to lightning, +% to shock, +% to elites is additive or if it's compounded. That 500k hit on elites could be way off. I had some fun in MP 3 standing and tanking swathes of enemies with elite packs intermixed and watching my LoH and HPS keep my health up.

I tried MP 5 and that was doable but more struggle than I like. That said, I don't consider myself a super skilled player. I more play for fun by far than to be the absolute best. So, my struggle in MP 5 may just be what some people go for.

I'll give the guides a shot and look to increase my crit chance. Thanks again.

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