[X-Box 360] infinite load screen act 2

Console Bug Report
Load screen between act 1 and 2 goes on forever.

This happens right after talking to the caravan leader to end act 1 and begin act 2. The red diamonds at the bottom of the load screen are lighting up like normal, and the little text tips are changing like normal, it just never loads act 2. I've restarted the game a few times now and it's still doing it.

Anyone else have this issue? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
My wife and I are having the same problem getting to Act3 and we have restarted the Belial quest 3 times. Please help us Blizzard as this makes a $60 game worthless!
Having the same issues getting into Act III. Where you at Blizz?
having the same problem getting into act 4
xbox360 ita version

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