2 Questions for our resident Archon Experts

Archon is pretty awesome, no doubt about that. I run archon myself and have learned a lot from jaetch's youtube video but feel like i'm somehow hitting a wall and therefore, here are my questions:

1. What else should i upgrade? I'm having trouble maintaining my eHP while raising DPS (or vice versa). In some cases, the upgrades don't even seem to be on the AH (even at absurd prices)
my d3up: http://d3up.com/b/1173182/luna

2. what spec do you guys run for übers? I know Jaetch made a movie with archon for them but i feel like that was more like a joke / showing it could be done. I've tried SNS and do it sometimes but honestly i don't find it fun (I have a 2.73 APS gear set also)

Thanks for the help / suggestions
Your Tal's - get an avg damage or IAS roll on there.
Assuming I'm not trying to run SNS for Ubers, I switch to Arcane Mines with dynamo. It's 10x unbuffed multiplier with just AM, dynamo, and BM. Plus you can use most of your Archon gear for it. I swap to 20 ApoC setup and a SoJ. 10 APoC might be sufficient depending on your APS and other stats, but with 20 APoC I could channel the entire boss fight as long as 2 bosses were alive. It works very well if you already have a SNS wiz in group.
Gunner: Yea don't i wish... trifecta Tal's are kinda rare on Gold AH but i've been looking and the avg dmg ones are rarely better.

Loroese: Thanks for the info, i might try AM. Is it possible to run AM without a SNS freeze there or do the bosses move too much for AM to work?

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