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The +Vit IC are on my list, but you're looking at about 1bn on the EU AH for a decent set. I will keep looking to grab a bargain.

I've got loads of Amulets, just waiting for a new pair of IC's so I can swap 6k HP for 6k DMG on neck.

And absolutely not a chance reference the 2x1handers, it would burn Fury to quick, which would hammer (get the PUN?) my CC and theirfor LS

nice BB & soj. between the two of us we could build freak barb ever seen.

solid barb 8/10

some of your items need ups.boots and pants i think.

thanks for the critics on my barb gave me a good insight. except that i use wep master for fury gen to kickstart into the fray.

Not bad for a HC HoTA Barb, Nice HP, good CC, abysmal CD (something has to give way for other stats though, so I do understand),

If you are looking to stack Dodge, then your boots are brilliant, if you're not, they suck and could be upgraded for very little gold.

Your 'Loyalty Slayer' Ring, could do with replacement, Probably go for CD > IAS, but with the 12% Life roll, it will be hard to find a replacement quickly (though quite cheaply).

Weapon's Master, you definatly don't need this talent, you are almost capped on CC 40.5+30(KS/WotB/BSC)+24(Fury), if you want more Crit I can honestly recommend Annimosity (4% Crit chance)

IK Belt, could do with a +60str roll.

Nice Barb (SC would give you 6/10, but will give 9/10 for HC)
@ Vul


EU profile link if you want to rate.

nice IK set with decent DPS
i would upgrade shuolder + ammy
shouldnt be hard to craft a better one

rate me
i m bored
02/03/2014 09:43 AMPosted by vul
Wtf!? @ Frag

@Topsquatch 5/10

Not sure what you mean Vul? can you put the WTF in context..
I did manage to steal a sock Blood so damage up a bit at the cost of the vit. I may try the IKBB and can see if I can find some ice climber to offset the lost Vit.. hmm :)
@Gawdilla 8/10

nice barb just a tad low on the health.
may want to go 2 socket blackthorne's, 2 socket rare pants or 2 socket depth diggers and upgrade your gem in your amulet.
or you can see if you can upgrade your gloves with double str roll, bit higher vit roll and same attack speed and same or higher crit chance.....then you can replace the ruby gem in your amulet with a amethyst while leaving the gems you have currently set up the same so you can keep the exp bonuses.

Overall solid setup.

Rate Summer

Seems solid to me (I'm not really sure however), but maybe find shoulders, but everything else seems way beyond solid

rate me please

You could use some movement speed as you have none right now. If you are going to start crafting I would suggest starting with bracer's unless you get a pair of lacuni's for for MS. Try finding a HoTa SoJ on the ah even if it's not cold dmg it will still help a good bit.


Rate my Skorn barb please.
27% IAS (specially with skorn) and 3%LS isn't my idea of a cakewalk but your rend damage is nice. One more slot of AR would be nice as well. I'd be worried about fury issues the most. I'm sure you have the pieces to switch around but i'm gonna go 7/10.

Please rate SnooSnoo
What would you guys recommend I craft first to improve my barb? Should I try for a better amulet or should I craft shoulders (vit or str?) or something else?

I'm happy with being able to do mp10 but like everyone I would like to improve my barb in some way :)

thank you for any advice
@ Vul

Simples, switch WM > Unforgiving then, get max fury before you even start the fight, gives +24 CC

Yes I'm constantly looking for a IC upgrade, but at 500+ million for a decent Vit Roll, I will keep looking for a bargain.

Same deal with Depth Diggers, though they have a low(ish) Vit roll, due to my high ARes, my HP is stable enough, But they are defiantly 2 places where I can improve my stats.

Amulet was changed about 30mins ago, another +6k paper doll damage. Crafting shoulders is a bore, because I'm crafting VIT, looking for a double STR roll, means I literally have to craft 1000s to get a DPS increase on my current set. Might just roll STR looking for a general upgrade.


Nice barb, that's a pretty high DPS IK BB you have in your hands!
My advice is to try and get some more vit and movement speed. imo it'll make farming much smoother. I would have said upgrade your gems, but with RoS near it's not really worth it.

I can't believe this thread is still around lol.

Ratings smatings...ALL BARBS BEST MAN.
Ah Pri...

Still waiting for the day you finish off your set with a LS Mace nub



Tyraels buddy!

Your breakpoints seem very off and your AR is rather low. Not to mention that you are running with 3 slots of MS. Do you really need Innas or Lacunis for the next breakpoint? Your EF also has an insane amount of fear which wouldn't matter much for pure WW, but as a HoTA build you always alternate hands.


Getting MS is not possible, I would have to split my IK set (need the bonus fury regen), or grab IK boots and loose 20k damage, LP Bracers are also lacking,

HP is going up as P gains levels, but my IC are next on my to-buy list (been looking this evening).

IKBB cost me 500m


Cough cough, I get MS from leap =)
02/04/2014 02:48 PMPosted by Cygone

IKBB cost me 500m

damn ... i m not sure if its better than a skorn
02/04/2014 02:31 PMPosted by xxxkan
Ah Pri...

Still waiting for the day you finish off your set with a LS Mace nub


Dayum...LS mace lost me a whole point? Tough crowd. lmao!

I would go with an LS mace...but with RoS coming out...what's the point?

I am actually retiring Gemah when the Xpac releases and leveling a whole new barb.

Some legacies are meant to die and live on only in spirit. :]

02/04/2014 06:42 PMPosted by Pri
Dayum...LS mace lost me a whole point? Tough crowd. lmao!

There's also the fact that you marq'd all your gear.


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