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Would someone rate me? I need some advice.

Rate @HeatOnMyMeat as well since im not worthy enough to do so!

@iLast 6.5/10
Your DPS is low as well as your strength. Try to get good IC for your boots.
@ Blue

You can probably drop warcry for killing spree. With that you can also switch your axe for a sword for the 15% dmg increase since i'm sure you have plenty of CC :)

To whoever below, my female barb is the one I am using currently.

Solid barb you have there. Quite a nice roll for shoulders, high vit and life%! Not much you can upgrade at this point... I'm sure finding upgrades is going to be pretty difficult, and it's just the constant search for stat perfection in any individual slot.

your female barb is great in all aspects dps life AR it is a phenominal barb

Not to shabby interesting build, I would say little low on Life, if you are gonna go 2hd get a skorn it will be less weapon dps but more overall DPS with the socket and weapon master bonus so

@Evilreaper, 6.5/10. Look out options to upgrade your gems. If you have more budget, then upgrade your bracers to Lacunis.
@cvvikram 10/10, one of the best barbs I have seen. Your balance between crit chance/damage and yet still having high armor and resists is impressive. Your barb is almost perfectly balanced. Well done good sir.
dont really know much about rating..just wanna know what i could do to be better and what i should get..not much moneys :(
11/23/2013 06:29 PMPosted by Uber
@Amour Great equipment for the build you have, love it. Keep rolling bracers another slot of AR/vit you could probably drop WC.
If I could change anything I'd go OP:Momentum instead of WC and Battle rage:bloodshed, 3/4 of you attacks can proc it and it's great fun blowing stuff up. Might have fury trouble but hell it adds a lot of damage. 10/10 just for raw stats and a unique build :D

Thank you for your tips here!

Here are the skills that I'm running currently. I probably had WC on because I was running ubers with some friends.

OP Momentum combined with the vortex from Leap CoA gives me even more fury than BR ITF and Sprint. BR Blood Lust just destroys with Rend coming off a Skorn like mine. It really melts the screen.

My tdsp is just under 2m, my DPS v. elites is 548k.
The damage range for my crit rend is 896351 - 1337354,
I've seen HOTA crits over 2.8m.

Basically this is a really fun build and owns VOTA or a1. Highly recommended from a long time barb players (or 'warrior' as they called it in D1).

No need to rate me~
@Amoureuses I use a build just like that but with Cleave instead of HoTA for my EXP runs atm.

I run mainly Keep of the Depths 2 and then stonefront for the keywarden on MP 5 not that fastest in the world but on average about 11-13min runs and 11-13mil exp with this build atm.

I always loved cleave and the rupture just adds so much more aoe in a bigger area than HoTA for me at least.
@evilreaper Interesting build... 6/10 Need more Crit chance and Crit Damage from the looks of it though... looks as if your geared more for EXP though...

I'm using a cookie cutter WW/HoTA build currently.. been wanting to try out a popcorn build.. just not sure I have the right gear...
Hi all if someone could rate my gear and let me know what I can upgrade to improve my overall survivability in MP 10. I can survive now but I have a lot of trouble killing a lot of champion packs. What can i do to improve my barb should i try and get rid of my skorn and buy dual wield weapons ?

Thank you
@Pugz well for a WW Skorn barb its all about IAS you need more to hit better breakpoints which in turn will help keep you alive.

Trifecta rings would help, you really need the IAS on one more of your rings, pants and belt, down the line amulet also but that is usually a hard roll to get. Downside is you will have to drop Brawler and get Bloodthrist since your skorn does not have LS, however with all the extra AS and CD from witching hour belt you will still gain more DPS.

@Halffrozen yes more EXP atm was just commenting more on Amoureuses more than looking for rating. And so called POPCORN build is alright I prefer my modified one when I switch out to my regular rings and Gem in helm.

No need to rate me
if I drop ok belt i lose a lot of resistances from the belt and the bonus. Do you rec I get another ok piece? Also is rare ring the best route to go for my current set up ? what is the IAS i am trying to cap at?
@pugz well there is not alot of vit on your current belt so you could look for a witching hour with AR to help out, as for ring yes you should aim for 9% AS on rings since you do not have a IAS on your skorn. With a skorn you usually want 6 to 7 pieces of gear with 9%IAS on them as a goal to start and then IAS Skorn down the road if you are going to WW Skorn build.

I did that in the past I have just moved away from WW as it got boring. Hope that helps.
11/26/2013 09:56 AMPosted by Pugz
if I drop ok belt i lose a lot of resistances from the belt and the bonus. Do you rec I get another ok piece? Also is rare ring the best route to go for my current set up ? what is the IAS i am trying to cap at?

It's recommended to have at least 42% ias from gear in order to hit the 1.67 bp when wrathed when using the skorn.
I have 500m I can spend on upgrade what do you guys suggest I get ?
7/10 ^

give me advice on what to upgrade
@ Pugs - I would suggest you try get IAS on your RH ring, that way you can drop the lacunis, unless you're real keen on the move speed.

Good crafted bracers with CC, STR, VIT & AR will always win in my books.

You could always look at changing out the belt for a witching hour if you did that too, get more AS and CD

decent barb though, 7/10.

@ Controls - same goes for you really, and although you have AS from your mempo - there's no CC. I've always debated the effectiveness of a non-crit mempo vs. a good IK helm with high STR and VIT or AR. Give it a try anyway!

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