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@Brian 6/10, you can upgrade in ah for cheap
8/10, really good crit hit chance but not really high rolls on the items and gems aren't radiant or marquise.
6/10 orb
Please baby Jesus someone help my barb
Pretty decent 7/10

Since you are a WW barb. I would try getting Inna's pants or movement speed boots to hit 24%.
Also, I would get a bit more attack speed on gear to reach 2.50% break-point with Wrath.
@ xyphos 8/10. I'll take a look at some Inna's pants or MS Ice Climbers.
Just getting back into barb after taking a year break to play other classes.
Hi Tranquility

You're not too far off mate :).

Have you had a chance to read Eclipse's gearing guide? It's very good.


I'm not a gearing expert but points I can see:

Aim for 50-60K vitality, which with an Amethyst in your helm you should be pretty good I think.
One more slot of AR would be good. Mid to high 500 AR would allow you to drop War Cry and use an offensive skill instead.
Once you've got this sorted, I'd suggest OP:KS for Warcry (or use Hota here if you want to run a WW/Hota hybrid build) and Brawler instead of tough as nails. Your damage will increase hugely.

I've loaded your character into D3up and D3rawr.
As you probably know, the damage from WW/Sprint tornadoes increases in increments called breakpoints. Going up breakpoints increases your damage but it also helps with Fury management as the greater number of hits generate more Fury.

You're just above the 2.0 breakpoint. Most people suggest aiming for the 2.5bp as Xyphos mentioned. Doing so without an EF is more difficult. With a .24 EF you can hit this with 4 slots of 8/9 ias. I know a lot of people don't like EFs and that is totally your choice. I would endeavour to get more ias though as you currently only have 2 slots of ias.

From your skills as they are currently, it seems your damage comes mostly from WW/Sprint, which means that your focus should be on maximising your tDPS. As an example, hitting the 2.5bp with your current gear would increase your tDPS by 36%.

Have fun :)
@Morpheus 10/10, especially when you take that pretty spear off the WD and put it back in your barb's hands where it belongs ;)
11/30/2013 09:31 AMPosted by BrianGoudy
@Morpheus 10/10, especially when you take that pretty spear off the WD and put it back in your barb's hands where it belongs ;)

maybe 6/10....enjoy the ehp/all res track you're going but you need more crit for snb build....pretty nice though!

Your SC barb is nice, but holy !@#$ @ your HC barb.

@ don draper

Decent barb wlth gd dps. Perhaps try getting more vit gear on shoulders and pants etc so you can swap ur purp gems out for red. Otherwise on the right track! 8/10

Solid looking barb. There are a couple spots for upgrades, like tri/quadfecta jewelry and IK Irons, but you are in the really-expensive-upgrade territory now to get the necessary upgrades needed.

Lookin' good.


Solid Barb. 10/10. I would recommend using Hota instead of Bash for single dmg. Your crit chance is really good so you should have no problem gaining fury and Hota smashing elites.

Just my thought :)
xyphos, you are looking pretty well geared, i would say get a new set of prowlers with str on them and ar or vit. might replace your main hand with another ls so you can drop blood thirst and pick up brawler. but all in all 8/10 maybe 9

Awesome HOTA/WW at the 2.5 APS BP. 8/10. I would suggest upgrading to a CC Mempo and crafting some new shoulders with more str and vit.

Cheap gems and no EF, which is 10/10 in my book. Wish I had the gold back I spent on my gems.

9.5/10 Some sick crafts and very nice DPS with a SoJ.


8.5/10 Serious DPS, but your EHP is low and your AR is very low (under 400 I think). I guess you are compensating with LS to a large extent, but try adding AR in two slots, then either changing Bloodthirst to Brawler or dropping LS from a weapon for even more DPS.
Please re-rate my barb, i've made few changes (and went back to skorn), thx.
@Notrious 8/10

You are hitting pretty much every slot with good items, just need to keep upgrading and doing some more crafting.
12/02/2013 03:25 PMPosted by Bryanw1995
@Notrious 8/10

You are hitting pretty much every slot with good items, just need to keep upgrading and doing some more crafting.

I mean I guess, no life steal on your mainhand? hardcore crazy !@#$
I rated two and got skipped.

For whoever rates, I am looking into upgrading my chest and/or belt to add vita, but they aren't cheap and I'm still saving up. I do have BT pants for uber runs that add 14k life, but I want to add another 4k+ to my standard setup. I recenetly upgraded my weapon but lost a lot of life in the process (old weapon added 8k). Feel free to ding me for the sub 50k life, but I am working on it.

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