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I am posting from my sons account. I need help, I've been locked out of my game for over a week. I lost my cell phone with the authenticator and sms on it. I have submitted a request through the support site twice to get the authenticator removed, even sent my CA drivers license but I never get a response. I tried to open a support ticket to get a tech to contact me (40998598) but have no response from that as well.

Any help would be appreciated.

locked account: Prology#1426
So...no reply.

just delete the game?

I'm not seeing any support tickets made with that Battle.net account. The last one reported was back on 5/18/2012.

As we can't really do anything for an account when it comes to security or billing issues in a public forum, I'd suggest you contact them via phone or the live web chat system when those options are available to you. The support ticket submission system will let you know if they are or not.

In checking the ticket number you listed, it was from another Battle.net account and was for a web chat session on 11/7/2013. The ticket was closed though as the representative handling it logged the following.
"Customer did not respond. Disconnected at start of chat." so they were never able to talk to you apparently.

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Indeed, if you open a live chat session it does not save any of what you put in as a Ticket. You have to use the actual ticket feature a ticket with data in it to be submitted. If you try live chat again, be sure your browser is set to allow pop ups on this site or it won't work.
EXCEPT, I can not open a ticket or get a chat window open without my authenticator code.

That's why I opened the chat ticket with a new account I created, and that's why i'm posting here with a different account. You can not get any type of help with out authenticating.

Thanks Cheetah, the chat window seemed to freeze, that's what must have happened. Any Idea what happens when you submit your ID to have an authenticator removed? I tried that twice on the support site and they just seem to float off into space.
Right now the ticket queues are high so it can take a bit of time to get to your request. When they do receive it, they will review the data, unlock the account, and then ensure the data is stored or destroyed in accordance with the laws governing use of Personally Identifiable Information. If you have submitted a ticket, you can check to see the status and verify it successfully was created here - Support > Your Support Tickets https://us.battle.net/support/en/ticket/status Check to make sure one really did go in.

As for putting in a ticket, you do not need the Authenticator to do it if you are using the "I can't log in" options. I would try giving them a call and you can use Skype to make it a free call. Here is a shortcut that should work for you D3 > I can't log in > I want to remove my authenticator


The options that are open will light up for you. Those folks service all the games though and WoW has some recent issues with realm mergers and a new Refer a Friend promo. Hence the delays.
Miss Cheatah, Thank You for your help. Is there anything more that can be done, I used your link and sent an image on my CA drivers license (the 3rd time I've done it) and this is the response I get:
Dear Mike Lazzara,

The status of your Customer Support ticket #41220918 has changed to “Answered.”

You can view your ticket details or check its status by clicking the link below:

If you can’t click the link above, copy and paste the entire URL into your browser.

This is the latest response from Customer Support:
Hey Mike,

I appreciate you taking the time to contact us! I’m Glenn, and I want to thank you for your exceptional patience which has allowed me to work with you on your issue! I hope that this finds you well and in good spirits. :)

We have received your request to remove the Authenticator from this Battle.net Account. We are unable to accept your submission due to the following:

- A valid form of identification was not included. Please make sure an image of a valid ID is sent with the submission.

If my drivers license is not a valid form of ID, what is considered valid?

BTW, If I knew it was this difficult to remove a lost authenticator, I would have NEVER added it. In the even I got hacked I'm sure the account restore would not take this many attempts and this long to resolve.
ALSO, how do they change the ticket to "answered" when I am still locked out?
Seems like the ticket should be pending more info at the least. What can stop these guys from just changing all their tickets to answered when they do not actually resolve the issue just to get their ticket stats looking awesome.
I can't help you with the ticket locking thing but it is odd that they are not getting the ID. If the ID picture is not clear that may be one reason they rejected it but normally they tell you that. I would give them a call during business hours or use Live Chat as I suggested above. They will need to verify your identity of course, but that can be done with the secret question on the account or usually a valid game key for any of the games on the account. They are open from 10am - 6pm Pacific Standard Time.

Normally this really is a quick process and takes less than 24 hours, even by ticket. Also, if you happen to have SMS Protect on an account, it can be used to remove a lost or broken authenticator yourself. https://us.battle.net/support/en/article/battlenet-sms-protect I set it up myself just in case my Authenticator dies again (had to call and get one removed in 2010 when my original 2008 model died an early death - took about 10 minutes total and they sent me a replacement for free because it was supposed to last more than 2 years!)
Thank you for your help Miss Cheatah.

Once I got a rep on the phone this took 30 seconds to solve. I mentioned your help in my survey, thank you again.

I am glad to hear it finally got solved! Happy Hunting!

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