Who's your top 10 - Heroes of the Storm!?

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Not in a million years would I thought Blizzard would make a new game in this genre, and combine all their story characters into one - it's really the most shocking thing I've ever seen from Blizzard - and I LOVE it! Just thinking of all the different matchups, it's like the coolest fighting game I've ever seen!

Top characters I hope get in this game, even if they get added after release at some point are....
1. Fenix (SC)
2. Paladin (Diablo II)
3. Cairne Bloodhoof (WC3)
4. Necromancer (DII)
5. Imperius (DIII)
6. Ogrim Doomhammer
7. High Templar (SC II)
8. The Summoner (DII)
9. The Butcher (D1)
10. Archon (SC II)

Honestly though, 10 spots is not enough, as I could easily say I want to see almost every cool and beloved (or hated) characters in Blizzard games come to life in Heroes of the Storm!

By the way, does anyone desperately want to see a WCIV done with the same graphic engine and character as this game?! This looks just so perfect for a sequel for WCIV I feel.
i like most of your list but to be honest i dont think much of anything of wc3 or d2 or d1 or sc1 will reach it in there, considering the wallpaper has d3 diablo, and WoW chars not wc3 ones, and nova but not kerrigan, but at least they got the queen of blades.. still not sc1 though lol.
I've already seen characters from WCIII, Diablo, SC, SCII, Diablo II though (Griffon Rider, Abomination, Uther the Lightbringer, Goblin Shredder). Also, I'm not sure if you know much about this genre of games, but there's room for dozens, if not hundreds of characters, so many characters will not be there at release, but we can absolutely expect to see more characters each month after the game releases.

I'm interested to see what top characters other fans want?
I hate games with combined, unrelated lore. This Hearts of the Storm looks terrible. I don't play this category of game much, but my top 10 would be....Lol characters...as it actually has a real flowing background.

Watching Diablo ride a unicorn in the previews, was truthfully the first time I've ever despised Blizzard.
11/09/2013 06:46 PMPosted by Wheresmymind
Watching Diablo ride a unicorn in the previews, was truthfully the first time I've ever despised Blizzard.

I agree as that was just stupid.

My vote? Duke Nukem. 3D version.

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