New MBP 15" IRIS PRO,not good for D3 Unless..

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You upgrade to the higher priced 15" MacBook Pro for $2,599 which includes 512GB ram, AND the Discrete graphics chip! ($300 or more than I paid for my current 2012 15" MBP!)

The stock 15" MBP no longer comes with the discrete graphics chip! It only uses the Built in Iris Pro graphics chip. (256GB SSD now $200 extra also.)

The Iris Pro graphics chip is almost 30% slower than the discrete graphics chip!

As an aside: You can still get a used 2012 MBP with discrete graphics chip AND 512GB SSD from Apple refurbished for $1,899.!! here:

Alternatively, You can get new iMacs with Discrete Graphics and 256 SSD for 21" $1699, and 27" $1999. (I don't know how effective the Fusion Drives are for use with D3.)
Why don't you look at it from the other side?
1. 5200 Iris Pro does 45-47 fps at 1080p highest settings (for me, 1440x900 low settings + high textures is a plenty and will play well with vsync=on).
2. rMBP with Iris Pro only will run cooler and quietter while you playing D3, since its TDP is almost two times lower.
3. No need to deal with dual graphics mess, installing some third-party apps to prevent the system using dGPU while browsing etc.

Thanks for your response! I had posted a thread on this forum previously regarding if the Iris Pro graphics chip was viable to play D3 (in the new MacBook Pro), and no responses!

Having no responses, I assumed that the recent bare feats link with their benchmarks would disprove the efficacy of the iris pro for the macbook pro, but apparently you've been using one!

I had no idea it could run cool while maintaining 45+ FPS.. Great!

That means, that the Iris Pro may in fact be viable for safe use on the Macbook pro!

I don't have a rMBP, I have the base iMac with IrisPro, and it runs d3 fine even under OS X (can't wait for the moment when Blizz will finally go to OpenGL3.2 core profile). I can't promise it will run absolutely COOL at rMBP, but it should definitely work way cooler than the rMBP with dGPU.
The Iris Pro beats out the HD 4600 built into desktop Haswell CPUs (it doubles the CU and Shader Unit counts), but it greatly underperforms vs. a discrete GPU. You may also find that it incurs input lag. I've seen both Iris Pro and Azul based HD graphics (HD 4600) show input lag on the average of 36-40ms, a significant amount given you're already incurring input lag due to LCD physics.

You can go the cheaper route, but you miss out on a fair amount of power that way. But if you're on a budget, sometimes it's a sacrifice that has to be made.
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