What is THE PERFECT Setup for XP Farming?!?

11/21/2013 09:44 PMPosted by Det0x
@ zapro

Now iam just starting to think you are only trying to troll this thread..

Solo I am dealing 100% of mob HP.
4x barb party -> 62.5% of mob HP
3x barb party + WD -> 83.3% of mob HP

How did you fail to understand this ?

->"Assuming you don't multibox the 3 barbs" <-

As a fun fact: I seem to have double your kills with less playtime.
As another fun fact: If my main barb kills would have counted to paragon xp, I would have had "P1000" about 4 months ago.

Yes thats a really valid argument for what ?

"If my main barb kills would have counted to paragon xp i would had 10x paragon 1000 back in 2012"

I can see why other barbs are telling ppl just to ignore your posts..

Have fun soloing fields of misery without stacks, iam out..

Oh, you mean soloing a 4-man party game?

Dude... I honestly don't know why I'm even bothering to explain what should be obvious.
If mob hp goes higher than what you can kill in 1 pass, the importance of the ias breakpoint increases.

Sorry, you fail 101 stuff.

What's your barb playtime?
Hi Guys

Sorry, I came to this discussion late but it's really interesting.

Looking through this, I can now understand zapro's gearing philosophy. For the FoM challenge without stacks it makes sense. Producing damage just beyond that required to kill the monsters and maximising CHC makes sense.


Fully buffed 734,278 sDPS
3,499,107 Crit Rend
2,681,215 tDPS
376,170 EHP
Crit hit chance 80.5%

Looking at the numbers though, zapro's cRend comes in at 3.5M which, according to Nubtro's table, only reliably kills a couple of types of monsters. Also, the only video I have seen of his play showed his health globe bouncing up and down alarmingly and this was on a posted video. Any death would obviously decrease your efficiency. It seems he has posted the second highest FoM challenge score though so that is admirable.


780,162 sDP
2,946,280 tDPS
4,266,275 cRend
Crit Hit chance 86%
757,645 EHP
Before Brawler passive.

Obviously, how you apply these numbers ie skill, varies greatly :). cRend with Brawler takes care of everything except the big monsters. Wondering if there is something that I've missed that makes this a less efficient build as I see discussion of 91% and 93% crit chance.

I see Manner that you at one point specified that you wanted a solo build but experience gain is so much greater in a group after getting 5 NV. Personally I find the EHP requirements are higher in party also but once again that my just be a skill factor and depends also on your party. My favourite party member is a CS monk running full buffs.

Yes obviously if your looking to max efficiency playing in a group is ideal now in 1.08 with the group xp buffs.

I'm just looking for a build to play solo when im bored here and there, nothing too long or anything I have to put too much effort into lol.

I'm more just concerned with how I'm gonna gear for now.

I just got a hold of pair of these today

a viable legacy zuni boots finally, so playing around with some other gear setups now.

I would like to build a set to run MP10 Act 2 with rend/WW as well but I am cash strapped.

What is the cheapest I could get away with? 10bil? And would it be the set with Tyraels, Nat set, or Tals chest?

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