Stats and skills for level 40 on Diablo 2

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So my cousin and I are planning to play some Diablo 2 in two days. Now he is already on the first stage of nightmare. Using the hero editor I would like to make a character that can play with him without being wasted or too overpowered. Ya know, like I did all of the work, without actually doing it. So how many stats and skill points would I have for an Assassin on level 40. Also, how much stamina, mana, and health does the assassin get per level? Thanks guys!
Just create the character and use your editor to give him exp. The amount needed is available on Arreat Summit iirc. Were it me, I would just level him up by hand, though. 40 is quick and easy.
Once a play hits lvl 25 they can fully leech EXP off any char the standard way of leveling in d2 is get bug rushed meaning get a lvl 1 char to hell mode do trist runs to lvl 13-15 tomb runs to lvl 21 cow runs to lvl 25. then run chaos runs until 60 then you can kill hell ancients are do baal runs until you get tired of leveling 1-80 should only take around 6-8 hours

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