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I have major stuttering in game to the point that the game is unplayable. I don't understand why this is happening. I have tried everything. Dropped everything to minimum effects. I have tried changing the NVidia settings. Both of these did nothing to reduce or eliminate stuttering. Unfortunately, I will not play this game if it is unplayable. I have called blizzard support three times and they are no help. I have called NVidia and they have been no help. I even called best buy and they were no help. Apparently nobody can tell me what the problem is. All other games I play on my computer run fine(StarCraft HOTS, League of Legends, and World of Warcraft). The only two things that I have found online about this problem are the video card itself or the hdd problem. The only solution that I have heard that works which was from a blizzard support employee was to go out and buy an ssd drive, but I have a gaming laptop. So far NOBODY has shed any light on this subject and as far as I'm concerned. I have also tried this on my pc which I bought at the same time as my laptop and it has a radeon graphics card...same bs stuttering. I am honestly at a loss for words. Seriously, nobody can pinpoint this problem so that I can either fix it, return it, or exchange faulty equipment. Nobody...really!!! Unbelievable!!! PLEASE HELP!!!
Thousands of people are experiencing the same thing, with no response from Blizzard.
there is NO way to know what you mean by stuttering, since you didnt specify.

Do you experience suttering when loading new assets? i.e new monsters, spells, NPCs, etc are loaded for the first time. - This is called Loading Asset Stutter.
The fix is to put the game on a SSD seperate of that the OS is on.

Is it a framerate stutter? i.e you have a nice fps, but the background is stuttering.
The fix for that is enabling V-Sync.

Do you get fps drops when in combat?
the fix for that is - THERE IS NO FIX FOR THAT

Pretty much this. Without a more clear explanation can't really give any accurate advice. "Stuttering" would mean that your game looks like a strobe light, you load a frame, pause, load another frame, but if looks as if a frame between the two was missing. If you have those symptoms, like trol said, enable vsync. If that doesn't work it may be your HD, you don't have to go out and buy an SSD. First ,you can try installing the game on an NTFS formatted USB thumb drive. If it improves a significant amount an SSD would probably be worth the upgrade (it is already, but that's besides the point).

FPS drop...yeah sol, unless you're hitting some absurdly low #'s (sub 30's).
Perhaps if video problem, reinstall latest NVidia drivers. Select custom install then checkmark clean install. It will remove all previous settings. I used to use the beta drivers and ran into problems at times. Clean install of standard release fixed it.

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