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I have 36 mil gold right now. Is it even worth upgrading gear now or crafting gear for my barb? Or should i just save my gold and only craft for alts? With ROS coming out next year i just don't see the point in spending alot of gold on gear that will be junk. Any thought on this Thanks.
I can comfortably farm mp10 with current gear so I don't see any need to upgrade any further, other than crafts. I'm saving my gold from here on out. Paragon leveling and selling for profits are my only concern. There will always be buyers, specially with beta out and old players coming back and in need of upgrading before it hits the shelves. My 2 cents :)
Gotta decide for yourself really.

Xpacs a long ways of, and you need to weigh how much you want to play till then, and with what class.

If your happy with your farming speed, I wouldnt upgrade for a slight increase. If your not, well, then its another story :)

I would not upgrade your gems past radiant, and even going that far isnt really worth it with marquis+ dropping in xpac.

I would recommend having a few hundred mill ready for xpac, just in case.

Personally? I am going to continue playing like nothings changing, but save a bunch of gold also.

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