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It's been a while since I played my barb. Did any build (propably, WW or HOTA) overtook the rest in terms of XP/legs per hour? I remember WW/rend build being very popular in act 3 keeps. People were skipping elits due to the increased chance of additional drop from white monsters. Now, nephalem valors increase XP gained, so before starting main areas u need 5 of them - and this has always been a pain for a WW/Rend barb killing the elites. I have a feeling, that most of the players still use WW over HOTA. If you were to pick WW build, would you go with a skorn or get 2 weapons? Is still maintaing WOTB still an issue? If not, then I think skorn would be the choice due to the higher rend damage. I am about to start again, would like to hear some guidances. Thanks in advance.
The best farming build is still WW/Rend so a hard hitting 2handed axe/mace (like Skorn) is what you are looking for.
WW/Rend kills elites a little bit slower than a HotA build but it clears areas significantly faster.

If you have high crit chance and a good attack speed breakpoint you will not have Fury problems.

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