LF- fleshrake, Fist of az, scarbringer (xbox)

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Guys looking for high base damages of the fleshrake, fist of Azr, and scarbringer for monk. Please post stats I have a lot of dex and int gear. Gt MrTC3, please leave yours and what kind of gear your looking for. Thanks
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I do not have those items with your desired stats. I salvage any fist with no socket. I only have few fists over 1400dmg and one that gets close. I'll post the stats just in case. Anything else you would take for your ring??

Won Khim Lau 1403.3 dmg
1 soc
732-899 lighting dmg
23% lightning skill dmg
8% dmg
285 dex
2.70% life steal*

Rabid Strike 1405.1 dmg
1 soc
728-909 poison dmg
7% dmg
276 dex
97% chd(w/o gem)
2.5% chance to slow on hit*

Sledge Fist 1462.2 dmg
1 soc
722 min dmg
170 max dmg
6% dmg
301 dex
0.27 aps
94% chd
46.7% chance to stun on hit*

Crystal Fist 1381.3 dmg
1 soc
725-878 holy dmg
7% dmg
271 dex
285 vit
102% chd(w/o gem)
Ignores durability loss*

Scarbringer 1360.1 dmg
1 soc
720-877 holy dmg
131 str
433 dex
135 int
121 vit
1.90 spirit per sec
17.2% chance to inflict bleed for 724-1117 dmg over 5 sec*
Shoot me a msg on Xbox live that crytal fist and scarbringer I may want gt MrTC3
If like to take a look at that sledge fist you listed. Msg me on Xbox at GT Unsent Soul

We can make a deal.
Guys still looking for a fleshrake and fist of Az'turrasq. Please post stats and what your looking for i have dex and int items
Bump one more time

Higher base dmg than 1100 for fleshrake and higher than 1300 for fist of az'turrasq. Or just post whatever you have.
Hm, those aren't items everyone stashes. Usually, everyone asks for Sledge, WKL and Bonesaber.
Maybe that's why you don't get attention.

It might also help if you post a few items you have for trade. The popular ones, I assume you know them. Or just what items are exceptional in your collection. Could get you a few more replies.
I have Sledge fist 1400ish base, 86CD and life steal,
WKL 1222.2 with lifesteal,
Dex Skorns x3,
Witch doctor Quez mask with -6 to zombie dog cooldown

Fist of Whatchamacallit
5% dam
241 dex
9% as
2.25 spirit sec
5.1% to stun

Better then you hoped no? What's full stats on sledge with life steal
I will have to tell you when i get home, i think off top of my head stun is atleast 38% not sure about dex.
Its got life steal and 1400 base so I should be good.
No stats??
303 dex
.25 aps
2.6% dmg to life
38.5% stun

I would have to see your fist as one I'm use I think is still better
Does this help?

Sorry Desel i though i msg back on my phone guess it didn't post, but i think the fist of Az'turraq i have is just a little better than yours. Thanks for responding though. Anybody else?
Anything else you're interested in? I don't really need the sledge but I always like to collect stuff.

No worries.

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