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I've seen recruiting threads for multiple guilds, but I have not seen any mention of hardcore mode specifically. I've switched from XBox 360 to PS3 because my best friend just bought the PS3 version.

I've got a headset and prefer to play with others who have headsets, although it's just preference and not a requirement.

I will not apply for a guild membership until I've played with a few members and seen how things roll.

Since the move from 360 I've decided I will be 100% self-found, unless my best friend decides he will do the same and we will probably trade between us two, but none other. I prefer to play with other like-minded people but again, this is not a requirement. Dropping stuff at the same time as a monster dies or a chest opens and pretending you didn't drop it only shows disrespect for my way of gaming, so please be mindful.

My PSN ID is samsaz81 so please add me. I'm not sure if it's the times I log on or not, but more people seemed to be on XBox Live than PSN.
You can add me if you want. I have 2 HC characters, and when RoS comes out I will make a HC Crusader. PSN is AirJordan73
I'm currently up to M3 with my barbarian. Feel free to add me. PSN is Pinoynoir. No Mic however.

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