Is this legit?

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You can get to a mill on a dh without modded gear.
His gear is legit, but without steady aim his DPS is WAY lower.
No he's not. :)

His ammy is a trifecta yet he rolled over 500 dex. Probably to compensate for his Dex-less Raven wing. Hard enough to roll up to 400 with two rolls yet he did it with one?

Yup, it is possible to get past the 1m dps. He did it the easy way.

Elite kills please? :)

Referring to the vid.
12/01/2013 12:25 PMPosted by WishinCoin

your so wrong, starting to be like shin your doubting everyone again. 504 dex amy is legit, total stats for 1 necklace can hit 850. people like stedler who are self found circulated to his friends and some higher end players a trifecta int tal rasha amy with 467 int 329 vit which is self founded by his paragon lvl 100 toon.

And towards the elite kills, yeah he duped and traded more or less.

Ok. If you say so. Para 66 here so I'm in no position to argue. All I'm saying is that 4 dex makes a difference. I believe the ceiling is 500 (300 for base and 200 for one roll) but I'm not going to shove what I think to everyone here.

Edited for why I think the cap is 500 for a stat with one roll.
Also, I'd rather be a wrong skeptic than a wrong succker. :)

It's not that bad being compared to Shin. At least the guy's consistent.
It's hard to get over 1mill dps self found I swear... unless you do easy way of these things

-you are jobless and have no life, you play game more than 10 hours a day to farm your butt off..(this one still doesn't mean you'll get every items you want)

-you have/mod items and farm faster way(this one is cheating)

-you mod your items and mod your paragon and farm farm farm to get legit items(this one is so cheating)

-or you don't farm but trade your items or duped plans for better items from players(this can be cheat on purpose/not on purpose)

-or you trade your legit gears for duped gears that you don't even know if it's mod or not because people can just soft mod nowaday(on purpose/not)

- you farm with your legit gear with your low or high paragon and you are super lucky and get everything you want.

even if you trade legit for legit it's still hard to get over 1 mill dps

yea, you can but which way?

Sorry, but it's just very hard to get over 1200 mill legit.
12/01/2013 02:11 PMPosted by WishinCoin
i fall in 1 and 6 working from home managing shops are easy feat, and im 100 paragon. not everything i want but most of what i want.

dang, give me that luck!!!
It's a compliment with your luck.

about Shin, I don't see why you harass him that much because I don't see him harassing you or did I missed something? I've been reading forum a lot lately and I can assure you that Shin wasn't the one who harassing panda first even when panda tried to get him to dupe when Shin stated out clear that he plays legit.

I can say that I was annoyed by panda when he jumped on every trading threads and we all know he dupes, so, he traded his dupes to people and I'm pretty sure he got a lot of legit items out of his dupes until people started to say something about him and that's when you see those legits attacked him and that's when I see you in every thread about panda as well.

you can say I sided on legit it's your opinion but this is what I've seen in this forum. Sometimes, the legit side uses harassing words too.
12/01/2013 02:10 PMPosted by WishinCoin
Also, I'd rather be a wrong skeptic than a wrong succker. :)

It's not that bad being compared to Shin. At least the guy's consistent.

actually your right, my apologies. But max stats for an amy will be 850. Ring 400 for legendaries 400-500 for hellfire

If this is correct then a 700 dex and 150 vit ammy is legit (which is laughable).

It should be counted per main stat and not totalled.
This stuff cracks me up...self found at over 1mil dps. Which takes mostly perfect stats of trifecta etc..All that stuff totally dropped for you haha

How many times have you won the lottery so far? 20?

Nobody is that lucky.. My 988 wizard is all self found also...GTFO

There's nothing wrong with trading but man don't be running around trying to tell us all your near perfect gear is self found like we are some kind of idiots.

Reminds me of the guy I ran into over the weekend trying to say his 11cc inna pants and 204% CHD amulet were legit and dropped for him personally..


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