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So I got lucky one day got some decent drops after a week of farming and im able to start playing in m3 now. Im using pierce the veil, jungle fort, and vision quest for me passives. As for attacks im using poison dart, grasp of the dead groping eels, acid cloud lob blob bomb, summon zombies dogs leeching beasts, spirit walk jaunt, gargantuan big stinker. currently i have 193k attack, 62k health, 30% crit chance, 189% crit damage, lowest resistance is at 547 (physical and poison), 1121 life per second, 2.8 life steal, 316 life per hit, 0 movement speed, 323% magic find ( not intentional its just chance that the attack was better also), and im using a +16% life gem in the helm the other 6 gem slots are intell ( no slot on weapon). So my play style is slow groups, LBB groups for more healing maybe save some mana for a LBB heal if im topped off, keep vision quest up the best i can, the dogs and garg and follower (templer) tank the adds usually, and spirit walk out of tight spots. So im wondering if some spells are more efficeint than others. I wanted to play with the bats but it doesnt go well with pierce the veil ( it takes 2 seconds to go oom). Ive read that WDs are used like a melee class but if i get in range for those moves I get stomped. should i drop attack for resis and health or just hope that i find gear with attack and resis/health? I was looking at using the healing bats , are there any other spells or passives that work well with them ? If i drop pierce the veil i can regain that attack loss through soul harvest. And how bought swarm and haunt, do the locust jump back and forth staying up till the mob is all dead? or is it only one jump. thank you guys for any input
That's what's fun in Diablo you get to experiment on what works.

What's not fun is what you need to experiment.

If you don't have life steal on your weapon, Healing Bats is a good starting rune. You unlock the skill's full potential if you do have lifesteal by choosing CoB.

Adjust your skills and your gear to your preference. :)
"Used like a melee class"? Not exactly. Many WD attacks follow this pattern:
1. Spirit walk into mob
2. Unleash hell
But while spirit walk is up, the WD is invisible to monsters and immune to damage. If your gear has any amount of pickup radius, Grave Injustice will give you a boost in mana regen and reset of cool downs.

Cloud of Bats build requires you to be very close but Zombie Bears and most other builds allows you to keep your pets between you and monsters but still at short range range. It sounds like you don't like being too close so...

With your dps and weapon's 2.9% life steal you don't need more life steal. The bears give you firepower.
Soul Harvest gives you a dps boost that can be good against mobs
Slam Dance gives you a huge dps boost against elites
Blood Ritual will reduce the cost of bears. The life regen is also nice.

Get some Pickup radius gear, at least 7 yards. Personally, I like at least 14 but that's just me. The pickup radius benefits Grave Injustice.

To answer your question about locust. As far as I know, it will only jump to another uninfected monster.
I have been doing things differently. I use Spirit Walk as an equivalent to Vault. My first character is a DH, you see, so my playstyle reflects in my WD and wiz. Tank with high DPS with lifesteal and Spirit walk when things get ugly.

Never thought of using Grave Injustice to that effect, thanks for the insight, EmmetOtter.
I spirit walk into a mob, use soul harvest, run out, and activate my skills, usually I use Zombie Bears, Haunt, Locust Swarm and Vampire bats
emmet you hit the nail on the head suggesting that build. its weird getting used to but had no problems taking damage like i thought i would when i looked at the build. I dont mind being close to the mob i just dont like getting 2 shot atm. but this build will show me how to use bears very efficiently ty sir
If you are using spirit vessel and Life Link dogs, you should be really hard to kill.

And if you don't mind being close and cuddly with monsters try Cloud of Bats instead of Zombie Bears.
Zombie Bears is also very efficient for kiters if you don't have pets. Watch your mana, though, as having CoB and Bears in the same build would burn it so fast.
IMO, having pets and a follower would spread out mobs too much for CoB. It would be beneficial for the skill to have just the Garg as it can stun enemies so it will give you less hits from mobs.

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